At The Candle Factory

Did you know that a candle making factory is called a chandlery?  I didn’t.

The Byrkjedal Candle factory was once a cheese dairy, established by local farmers in the early 1920s. They produced well renowned cheeses until 1978.  In 1988, it was converted to a  chandlery where they made candles both in the old dipping method, and also in moulds.  The restaurant was added in 1991, where they serve homemade traditional Norwegian fare…….. the stick-to-your-ribs type of food needed in a rigorous climate like this.

This troll that guards the parking lot, and and welcomes visitors to Byrkjedal.

We started out wandering through the childrens’ farm – with the reproduction dairy cottage,  a pair of white goats, and of course, the three Billy Goats Gruff.

They have an underground reception hall that will hold over 1000 people, and a band.  the lady in charge was awaiting a tour bus that hadn’t arrived yet, so she offered to show us around. The photo isn’t great, but you get an idea of the atmosphere with the candles lit.

We wandered through the shop, which was incredible – and huge.They have lots of other things besides candles – t-shirts, sweaters, mittens, magnets and mugs….

These angels reminded me of my cousin, the Beadcraz-e lady, who makes wonderful things our of glass.  Here’s to you, Karen!

The rosemaling (rose-painting) here is wonderful. As everything in the old houses was dark and made of wood, and they lived without much sun for half the year, the women painted walls and furniture and other ordinary items to brighten up their environments. I want to learn more about this traditional Norwegian art form. I love the colours, and the designs…. do I feel a quilt design coming on? They have a whole room devoted to Christmas crafts.  I really wanted to take this nativity scene home with me…. maybe later.Here is a child dipping a candle in coloured wax.  We met her parents and Grandparents, who were from Canada.

Soon, out tummies were full of good, solid Norwegian fare, and we were off again. I hope we can visit again in the summer when everything is green.

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