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Snapshots of England – Hughenden Manor

I am almost over my not-so-lovely English cold, and mostly sorted out on my time zones, so I guess it’s about time I gave you a taste of my wonderful springtime visit to southern England. I spent five days visiting … Continue reading

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An Afternoon Tramp In The Woods

……..take two. Had this all done and presses the wrong button. Posting via iPad app is more complicated than on the computer……grrrrr! What is a weed? A plant that is growing where you don’t want it, and is often quite … Continue reading

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Around And About…. Thoughts and Dreams of Spring

When I was a child, my favorite Little Golden Book was “Around And About Buttercup Farm”, and I have always thought that title had such an engaging ring to it. Two weeks ago, however, we were wandering around Strawberry Hills, … Continue reading

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Back In The Deep Freeze

Saturday dawned clear and sunny – and cold.  The 3-4 inches of new snow tried valiantly to cover the shame of several days of the unseasonable melting the past week – but didn’t quite make it.  Friends had been ready … Continue reading

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5000 Kilometers and Counting

I have been in Canada for a bit over a month.  We rented a car at the airport when we arrived.  Since David left for Russia on April 20, I have bee driving around Saskatchewan, Canada visiting friends and relatives. … Continue reading

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