Here it comes….. Samhain 2014

Here it comes….. Samhain 2014.


Here is an article from a fellow blogger on the origins of Halloween…… some pretty interesting  information.


Hope you enjoy it.

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……is a  funny thing. I realized that at the football game last night.

After living overseas for almost 8 years, and only flying back for month-long holidays and a mad scramble to visit family and friends, I felt more like a citizen of the world. Canada was where I was born, and it definitely has many advantages over a lot of other countries, but… did I really want to live there?

I remember the first time I went overseas, during my university years.  I went to the UK with a choir, and as well as singing in several music festivals, we toured all over England, northern Wales, Scotland and even spent a couple of nights in Dublin.

Our first concert was in the small Welsh village of Hope, not far from Chester – and also very close to the festival town of Llangollen, where we competed.  Our conductor was Welsh, and he had taught in Hope.

To close our concert, we sang “O Canada” – and then the audience stood as one, and treated us to the national anthem of Wales. Shivers ran down our spines as we sang – they doubled when those proud Welsh thundered back in such amazing voice and harmony.  It was quite moving to sing our song in another land.

I also remember the choir breaking into song with “Something To Sing About” as we landed back in Canada on our return home.

So…. back to last night.  Flags waving, a stadium of over 30,000 football fans following the soloist in “O Canada”…….. we get half way through, and all of a sudden there are tears in my eyes, and my throat is too choked up with emotion to sing the rest.

Yes – I am Canadian – proud to be, and happy to be back in my native land.

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Hi, Remember me?


I have been definitely incommunicado for a long time. Life takes twists and turns that one does not expect. Even if you somewhat expect the new direction, the daily living out of the change can be overwhelming.

We have wandered again…………. And are now back in Canada. We arrived in Calgary September 2, after traveling three quarters of the way around the world.

We are in the process of setting our new direction, probably working here on Canada. We are temporarily in a small furnished apartment in southern Calgary, close to all amenities, including a huge quilt shop.

Getting used to be able to read all the signs and understand the store clerks. Living on the 10th floor………never done that before either.

We loved through three days of unseasonable snow here.




Our air shipment arrived at the door this morning, containing all of our warm clothing…… now the weather has turned nice again. But it also contains my sewing machine, and a few projects. I am really excited about this.

I have found a twice-a-week Tai Chi class to go to, and with it some people to talk to. And our gorgeous granddaughter live here too.

Time will tell just where we will end up, in Calgary, grande Prairie, Estevan, or some where farther afield.

But life is good, I am back, and still have lots of stories to tell of my adventures in far away lands.

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Afternoon Swim

At the local regional park on Last Mountain Lake, they have lane swimming after lunch. Today, Brenda and I final made it there.


No photos of us in action, but it was wonderful. I did 32 laps and even some front crawl, which I find really tiring. The water was the perfect temperature for it.

I was so happy, considering that it is a year since I last did anything but play in the water.

We will be leaving tomorrow, do this is a one-time shot. Sure wish I could do this every day!

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Why …………….

Are these tiny traffic sign posted in the ditch by the highway in Saskatchewan?



I know, but do you?

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At The Zombie Race

We spent Fathers Day in Devon, Alberta, just south of Edmonton. And of all thing to to on a fine summer day, we found ourselves at a Zombie Race.

David’s cousin’s wife runs Marriot Fitness in Devon, and she does a lot of fund raising for good causes. This one was for the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, and wow! Does she ever do things right! This was their third Zombie Race. Lots of good clean (well! pretty muddy) fun and exercise and lots of laughs.

We weren’t quite sure what a Zombie Race was. It is basically a fun race through obstacles, where there are zombies popping out at you and trying to steal ribbons from your belt as you sneak by them. I think if you lost all your ribbons you are officially dead, but here, you just kept on running.

We arrived just a bit before it began, and there were the Zombies….. Some were university students, but lots were just adults and children who showed up in costume to take part.


Tons of gross make up, and some very gruesome mask –


Three zombies did a dance for us. One little girl who had been terrified of the zombies last year dressed up as one this time.

There were lots of the contestants who were also in costumes – here is one t-shirt I particularly liked.


There was a family race, a children’s race, and then an adult race of 4 kilometres, which entailed going down by the river, and running up the bank, as well as climbing up the hill out of the park and sliding down a water slide made of three tarps, and lubricated generously by a hose on a water.

Here are some photos of the race, including crawling through the worm pit, swinging over the water (or not), and the end of the yellow tunnel.








And to top off a fine morning, here is David’s Dad, dancing with a zombie.


A morning of good clean but slimy and muddy fun.

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An Interesting Encounter

The day after we arrived from Russia, we were on the road again. This time, we drove from Black Diamond, just south of Calgary, to visit family just south of Edmonton. David’s parent had been looking forward to our arrival, and the chance to visit with friends, as they don’t travel that far on their own any more.

Seems a bit unfair that David had assured everyone that it would be no trouble driving after a 24 hour flight from Russia, covering 7 time zones and the International Date Line. The unfair bit is that I was doing the driving while everyone else napped peacefully.

We stopped for lunch and a visit in Red Deer, and then were on our way. I was unsure of where out hotel was in Leduc, so I opted to stop at Tim Hortons. Amazing how people sleeping in a car will awaken when the rhythm changes. Fortunately, all were in favour of a break and a coffee.

Sitting inside with a good view of the parking lot, we spied a bright orange Harley with a most curious trailer behind. The top was open, and it seemed to have an open roof and a wind shield of sorts. Curiosity got the better of the men, and they went out to have a closer look.

As they approached the bike, the owner appeared, and the mystery was solved.


The owner said that his dog was about eight years old, and they often travelled together like this. They have been to Las Vegas several times. He said that his dog can be very protective of the vehicle, but he seemed very friendly……… Maybe he just knows good people. They have been featured on Facebook, and in a motorcycle magazine as well.

The dog has goggles to wear on the trip, but he wants to get him some aviator shades as well.


I took the photos through the restaurant window, but as they left the parking lot, there were many smiles and many cameras clicking a remember acne of this chance encounter.




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