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Nova Scotia Holiday

Back in 2005 a Nova Scotia Mom entrusted her son to me when he came to northern Alberta to try out the life of an oilman. It didn’t work out, and he is back on the open seas, but I’d … Continue reading

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March 23, 2016. I got to do something I never expected I would ever experience………. I went dog sledding. True, it was the tourist version, but still. How lucky we are to live near the Rockies, and have such an … Continue reading

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Repatriation – The Driving Question

Well, after being back in Canada for almost three months, I have come to the conclusion that all countries have their quirks and silly regulations.  Being overseas for almost 8 years, and butting our heads against numerous road blocks, I … Continue reading

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……is a  funny thing. I realized that at the football game last night. After living overseas for almost 8 years, and only flying back for month-long holidays and a mad scramble to visit family and friends, I felt more like a … Continue reading

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Hi, Remember me?

Hello. I have been definitely incommunicado for a long time. Life takes twists and turns that one does not expect. Even if you somewhat expect the new direction, the daily living out of the change can be overwhelming. We have … Continue reading

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At The Zombie Race

We spent Fathers Day in Devon, Alberta, just south of Edmonton. And of all thing to to on a fine summer day, we found ourselves at a Zombie Race. David’s cousin’s wife runs Marriot Fitness in Devon, and she does … Continue reading

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An Interesting Encounter

The day after we arrived from Russia, we were on the road again. This time, we drove from Black Diamond, just south of Calgary, to visit family just south of Edmonton. David’s parent had been looking forward to our arrival, … Continue reading

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