Making Time

Time is a funny thing – intangible, and yet we are always referring to it.

We take time, we make time, we spend time, we lose time, we kill time, we run out of time …….. the list goes on.

It seems that for the past year and a half, I have been losing time – or wasting it. Without a clear focus, it is easy to do. Without a plan, it is easy to just coast along, and spend those precious minutes and hours doing things that don’t mean anything in the long run. It is as if we are waiting for some cataclysmic event that will put it all together for us, and then we will have a plan – have a focus.

We also take time for granted……. until something happens to make us realize that it is NOT endless, and we each have our own timeline. So many days and years to do whatever we are meant to do here on earth,

I should be saying “I” in all these sentences. I have been drifting, waiting for direction, and saying that it was because I didn’t have the space, or I was being tossed around by too many outside schedules………. in the end these are just excuses…… lies I have been telling myself.

I am making it a practice to “Make” time now, for the things I want to do and also those I need to do. I will make plans, instead of holding off in case something else needs to be done.  Really, that is the only way to get anything done. the accounting, the exercising, the sewing – each must have its own spot in the day, flexible, but not to be put off.

I want to accomplish something again – quilt the quilts that have been dancing around in my head but not turning into fabric and thread. I need to just begin, and if the idea doesn’t work out, then pick out the stitches and explore other methods.

I want to spend time each day, or at least a few times a week, writing here as well. I have really missed it. I have missed you.

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11 Responses to Making Time

  1. Yep. . . I feel it too. . . The time thing. . .and I have missed you and your writing. Welcome back.

  2. Nancy Burns says:

    Wow are you in my head! I will vow to work along side you in your quest!

  3. Thanks, Sue. Missing you too.

  4. Connie says:

    I have really missed you blog too. Glad you are back. I really need to make better use of my time as well, it is so easy just to drift or to make unimportant things take up all your time.

  5. Janice Orr says:

    I have missed you too. Your wisdoms and your joy of life always inspire me. Bring it on! Janice

  6. maureen says:

    Missed your writing too dear friend. I start a Soul Searching class on Tuesday as I too am struggling with purpose. Look forward to following your journey.

  7. Hi Kathi.
    I am not involved in sewing much these days and am still waiting to re-build my sewing room since the move but I feel the same as you do about my painting. My art is waiting for me but I feel as though the peace I need to see days stretch out creatively are so broken up these days. We follow our grand childrens’ schedules now as their care-givers while Mom is at work. Days are broken into little bites and we have begun so many new friendships here already. My problem is that I try too hard to fill needs around me then suddenly, it overwhelms me that I haven’t lost myself in a painting. The ideas come so brilliantly and fullcolour into my thoughts and I’ve begun to write them into my phone. I feel for you Kathi. Life as a constant is not a given and things change before we get all the things we’ve dreamed of doing get accomplished. Being in my brother-in-law’s city this past week, we tried to get his world working again as he battles cancer. Being with him made me realize what we get reduced to and all we can hope for is to live kindly and well and carry no regrets into our aging…..

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