Of Perfumes and Gods

I have the honour of having some of my photos used in Aina Eris’s blog post about frankincense and the Omani perfume house, Amouage.

Aina has done some great research on the subject, and is a captivating writer.

I invite you to read her post, Of Perfumes and Gods. She writes in Spanish as well as English.

Aina is also publishing an eBook, “Nature Meets Culture’ Stories.  I am looking forward to its completion.


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2 Responses to Of Perfumes and Gods

  1. Aina says:

    I was just going to tell you that I’d finally managed to translate it into English, and found that you’d already discovered it! And I’m so glad that you liked it enough to recommend it… thank you!

    Everybody who’s seen those pictures tell me they’re gorgeous, so thanks yet again for letting me use them… (if I hadn’t been curious about the country already, they alone would’ve made me want to visit Oman)

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