Why …………….

Are these tiny traffic sign posted in the ditch by the highway in Saskatchewan?



I know, but do you?

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8 Responses to Why …………….

  1. Karen Julian says:

    Probably for marking the trail for snowmobilers. They are all over the trails in Ontario as well.

  2. Cecilia magor says:

    Funny ! Of course, maybe there used to be a road there…a long, long time ago ….ha ha

  3. Sartenada says:

    Excellent post, but I could not solve this mystery. 🙂

  4. Gwen says:

    I live in Saskatchewan and I have no idea! I haven’t seen any of these signs so they could be places where there are lots of snow mobile trails.

  5. Gwen says:

    Thanks, where about in Sask. did you see these signs.

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