At The Zombie Race

We spent Fathers Day in Devon, Alberta, just south of Edmonton. And of all thing to to on a fine summer day, we found ourselves at a Zombie Race.

David’s cousin’s wife runs Marriot Fitness in Devon, and she does a lot of fund raising for good causes. This one was for the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton, and wow! Does she ever do things right! This was their third Zombie Race. Lots of good clean (well! pretty muddy) fun and exercise and lots of laughs.

We weren’t quite sure what a Zombie Race was. It is basically a fun race through obstacles, where there are zombies popping out at you and trying to steal ribbons from your belt as you sneak by them. I think if you lost all your ribbons you are officially dead, but here, you just kept on running.

We arrived just a bit before it began, and there were the Zombies….. Some were university students, but lots were just adults and children who showed up in costume to take part.


Tons of gross make up, and some very gruesome mask –


Three zombies did a dance for us. One little girl who had been terrified of the zombies last year dressed up as one this time.

There were lots of the contestants who were also in costumes – here is one t-shirt I particularly liked.


There was a family race, a children’s race, and then an adult race of 4 kilometres, which entailed going down by the river, and running up the bank, as well as climbing up the hill out of the park and sliding down a water slide made of three tarps, and lubricated generously by a hose on a water.

Here are some photos of the race, including crawling through the worm pit, swinging over the water (or not), and the end of the yellow tunnel.








And to top off a fine morning, here is David’s Dad, dancing with a zombie.


A morning of good clean but slimy and muddy fun.

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One Response to At The Zombie Race

  1. Evelyn Julian says:

    Looks like a ton of fun whether watching or participating!

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