An Interesting Encounter

The day after we arrived from Russia, we were on the road again. This time, we drove from Black Diamond, just south of Calgary, to visit family just south of Edmonton. David’s parent had been looking forward to our arrival, and the chance to visit with friends, as they don’t travel that far on their own any more.

Seems a bit unfair that David had assured everyone that it would be no trouble driving after a 24 hour flight from Russia, covering 7 time zones and the International Date Line. The unfair bit is that I was doing the driving while everyone else napped peacefully.

We stopped for lunch and a visit in Red Deer, and then were on our way. I was unsure of where out hotel was in Leduc, so I opted to stop at Tim Hortons. Amazing how people sleeping in a car will awaken when the rhythm changes. Fortunately, all were in favour of a break and a coffee.

Sitting inside with a good view of the parking lot, we spied a bright orange Harley with a most curious trailer behind. The top was open, and it seemed to have an open roof and a wind shield of sorts. Curiosity got the better of the men, and they went out to have a closer look.

As they approached the bike, the owner appeared, and the mystery was solved.


The owner said that his dog was about eight years old, and they often travelled together like this. They have been to Las Vegas several times. He said that his dog can be very protective of the vehicle, but he seemed very friendly……… Maybe he just knows good people. They have been featured on Facebook, and in a motorcycle magazine as well.

The dog has goggles to wear on the trip, but he wants to get him some aviator shades as well.


I took the photos through the restaurant window, but as they left the parking lot, there were many smiles and many cameras clicking a remember acne of this chance encounter.




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2 Responses to An Interesting Encounter

  1. Fabulous pictures and a great story 🙂

  2. Sartenada says:

    Love the post and photos.

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