On Our way

We are on our way to Canada, in Vladivostok airport. We have collected out luggage, eaten, and have another half hour before we can check in for out flights to Seoul and onward.

I have to admit that there is a bit more airport here than in in Yuzhno. In fairness, however, one has to remember that in Yuzhno, you are either coming in or leaving – there is nowhere to transfer to.

Here, there are souvenir shops, eateries, ( and many more on the way, by the looks of it)



There is even a post office, although it is closed today because of the National holiday. It has some interesting things in the window, howeve, like your favourite children’s movies in Russian.


And some Russian dolls –


You can buy a model ship or airplane –


Or caviar – even the good, black one…….


I have earned that this is the beginning of the range of the Amur tiger…..

Looks like Vladivostok is a happenin’ place.

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One Response to On Our way

  1. Sartenada says:

    I love the model ship / airplane photo.

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