BBQ in Yuzhno

Last Saturday, we had a BBQ here in Yuzhno.  David wanted to treat the staff in his department, but when it was delayed by a week due to nasty weather, there were only three available to come.  He invited the support staff and their families. The conversation was a mixture of English and Russian – enough English for us to have a great time as well.

There are several BBQ facilities here.  We picked the one that is part way up the mountain, and very close to the ski hill.  P1090394They have a series of covered picnic areas, and an attached BBQ.  They will even supply the coal and the cook for a small fee, leaving the partiers free to enjoy themselves, and, as David said – free of blame if the steaks are overdone.

I had never been faced with planning a feast for 35 people before, and wasn’t sure where to find everything I needed.  We got steak at the Korean market, pop and beer at the bulk food store, salads and chicken and sausage and cakes at the local supermarkets….. and lots of throw-away plates and cutlery.  When we set forth on Saturday afternoon, the car was full.

It was a glorious day, and everyone had fun.  We bought water pistols for the kids, and they had a blast.  P1090517


There were also balls, a skipping rope and a hula hoop, which sparked competition not only between the children, but the adults as well.

Enough said – here are a few photos of the park facilities, the beautiful forest beside us, and the fun.

P1090396 P1090397 P1090404 P1090422 P1090443 P1090445 P1090449 P1090456 P1090488 P1090500 P1090502

Such lovely weather (in spite of the late rain) – so lucky to be outdoors with great people in a beautiful place.  Love you, Sakhalin.

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3 Responses to BBQ in Yuzhno

  1. Evelyn Julian says:

    Your photos tell a wonderful story of the day’s fun!

  2. Pedro says:

    Every time i read your stories in yuzhno, I look forward even more the day of living there. I will be moving with my wife next year, at last week of January 2015. Thanks for sharing your experiences, not easy find information about how is life in Far east.

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