An Afternoon Tramp In The Woods

……..take two. Had this all done and presses the wrong button. Posting via iPad app is more complicated than on the computer……grrrrr!

What is a weed? A plant that is growing where you don’t want it, and is often quite tenacious in its choice of habitat. It usually braves the worst of soil conditions and neglect. Here, the bluebell is looked upon as a weed, sharing this distinction with such as the dandelion which does it’s best to trumpet to all the world that you didn’t fertilize the grass .

Sometimes, however, even the locals appreciate the bluebell………… I think the advent of spring makes us a bit more tolerant, in our yen for warmth and signs of spring.

Yesterday was cool and sunny, and the perfect time for a long walk. The woods just beyond the back of the lot are well known for bluebells. We were not sure if it was quite late enough, but went to see.

I’ll take you along on our tramp through the woods……….

The field beyond the back yard….


And on into the woods….




As we got deeper into the woods, the bluebells were like a lake of colour!



A lovely big tree along the path.


A small bird we saw in the field on the way back.


The most amazing climbing tree……. How old is it?


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3 Responses to An Afternoon Tramp In The Woods

  1. Elaine says:

    beautiful – thanks for sharing

  2. Cecilia magor says:

    Bluebells are my favourite! Will email you pics of my garden of bluebells, glorious at the minute…

  3. reminds me of Texas in the spring. . . beautiful

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