Lovin” The Green. Morning of the First Day

I can’t believe how green it is here in England! After being so used to brown and white, it is almost a shock to the eyes. But I’m sure I will survive……. with pleasure.

As I arrived late at night, my first view of the outdoors was Heather and Graham’s back yard…….


I was already in love. And then we took the dog for a walk…just behind their house. You have to love these small villages where you are never far from the fields..


We walked to the centre of town for breakfast at the deli….. It is quite a tiny place, but has an amazing treasure trove of wonderful products….and many of them locally produced. After buying some cheese, we walked by the old church


And bought bread at the bakery

20140419-104943.jpgand vegetables at the green grocer. Here are some interesting wild mushrooms.


Here are a few other photos of Chalfont St. Giles




Beautiful place, and friendly people. What a great place to visit!

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4 Responses to Lovin” The Green. Morning of the First Day

  1. Janice Orr says:

    Kathi: This is truly beautiful. Being in northern Alberta and feeling saturated by white and brown over the past many months, I identify with your joy in seeing green. That back yard in amazing. Thanks for sharing. Janice

  2. Conn says:

    We are at Brad and Kim’s in Donnelley, so agree with the above comment. Not much better at home but a little greener. Have a great Easter and enjoy the green.

  3. Candia says:

    Did you go to the poet John Milton’s cottage in Chalfont St Giles?

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