On The Horns Of A Dilemma

The past two days, I have been quilting – it has been great.

It took me three years to do the applique on nine blocks for my Branches Entwined quilt. I am determined that it won’t take me that long to complete the quilt now.  I already had some of the piecing done for the sashing – so I trimmed the blocks –

2014-04-03 10.58.52

Made the sashing units –2014-04-04 12.15.47


And attached them.2014-04-04 13.51.54


It took two tries to get the nine block units all sewn together – I always seem to be able to put something on backwards or up-side-down.  However, this morning – ta-da!!! Here is the top so far. P1080445


Now, you can see that it is pretty small for my bed.

The sashing – as per the instructions – would add about 9 inches all around – with the black border being scalloped. Now, here is the dilemma.   Do I do as the pattern says, and have a small quilt ?P1080296


Do I add an extra dark border next to the pieced blocks – giving me a few extra inches ?P1080446


OR – do I design a matching appliqued border all around, making it considerably larger?

I am kind of ready to be done and finished with this project, but after all the hours and pricked fingers that went into it, I want to be happy with the finished quilt.

I would love some input on this………

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15 Responses to On The Horns Of A Dilemma

  1. Hope says:

    It looks good, and is a small quilt, which can be for table or a lap quilt.there are many possibities.question what would like most?

  2. Sara says:

    How do you plan on using this? On a bed, in which case you need it to be larger. As a lap quilt, in which case it’s size is just fine ‘as is’. On a wall, also just fine for size as is. Once you decide where you might like to use it, you will have your dilemma solved. x

  3. Cecilia magor says:

    I would do 3 extra appliqué blocks and the extra black sashing, then you have an heirloom bed quilt ! I adjust smaller quilts to bigger bed size ones all the time, they will get used more than a wall quilt….. But that is just me :o) , Only double or queen size beds in this household…. Love the pattern!!!

  4. debbie fowler says:

    It seems you wanted this to be for your bed….I would do as Cecilia suggested, make it larger. By the way…this is so very pretty and really would be lovely on a bed! Nice work.

  5. wendy says:

    I remember you working on this, it is really beautiful. After all the hours you have invested in it you should have it in use or on display everyday, stunning piece of sewing.x

  6. I admire your beautiful applique work. Looking at the pattern image I find my eye is drawn away to the stars and the scallops. This will be less the case when the quilt is on a bed, and as Sara suggests the decision will be governed by how you plan to use it, but to me an additional plain border with no stars and without the bright sashing would add the size you’re looking for without introducing more visual attention-seekers. Hope that makes sense. Your applique should be the hero, as it already is.

    • Thank you for your observation on the focus being drawn away. I think I will let this decision simmer a bit, so I am not so used to seeing it and discover where it takes me.

  7. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Love your quilt, Kathi – my rule of thumb is – am I going to wish I had done the alternative after I’m all done. If I can be happy with the present size, then I leave it alone. You get the make the big decision, but no matter it is still beautiful

  8. Brenda says:

    Love it Kathi, It is just beautiful. I am in the middle of putting borders on a quilt too small for our bed. (70 x70), Suit yourself. Me, I am eager to finish and move on. You are much more patient than I am and the results show in your work.

  9. Kathy says:

    Wow Kathi, Thanks for sharing your beautiful work. Colours are so wonderful. You would have fun with the cottons here…

  10. Brenda says:

    Would a much bigger border overwhelm the delicate pattern in the center? I would worry about that. Maybe the original border, and use it as a lap quilt, and wrap yourself up in the love you sewed into it.

  11. I think it might, Brenda. I had another look at the photo from the magazine, and the centre is really much brighter than it shows there, so the scallops don’t really overpower the appliqué. I don’t think I’m crazy about the big yellow stars in the corners though, and will leave them out.

  12. NikkiM says:

    Wow it looks amazing!

  13. It is a gorgeous quilt. Lots of excellent ideas above. . . here are mine. . . (since you asked) I personally don’t care for the scallops/stars or the dark color of the last border. I almost like the white of your bed showing around the quilt. I do like the inner dark border and the red gold borders, agreeing with mosaic thinking. Perhaps a bit of coordinating appliqué in the corners instead of the stars?

    As all have said, we want You to be happy with it. It is a bit overwhelming to think you are almost done and then find a LOT more work to do. Let it sit for a bit and let it talk to you. It will tell you what needs to be. Listen quietly. Its a beauty. . .

  14. elainecanham says:

    I like the stripey border. I love quilts and old embroideries. I’ve made some very simple quilts for my kids, but nothing as beautiful as these.

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