Around And About…. Thoughts and Dreams of Spring

When I was a child, my favorite Little Golden Book was “Around And About Buttercup Farm”, and I have always thought that title had such an engaging ring to it.

Two weeks ago, however, we were wandering around Strawberry Hills, and the surrounding area. The sun was shining, the air was warm……. One could almost be forgiven for thinking that spring was in the air.    It was Saturday afternoon, and I dragged David away from his computer for a walk in the woods.

I have never before seen icicles on a snow drift like this – but here it happens quite often.IMG_7651


In the woods, there was still a lot of snow.IMG_7658


David tried a narrow path,IMG_7652

but stepped off the trodden bit – and was up past his knees in snow…… looks like there is still lots.IMG_7656


Back on the street – here is a dacha still covered in snow.IMG_7661



Snoopy made a friend along the way.  IMG_7672

This cute little guy followed us all the way home, and he and Snoopy had a great time running on the snow banks.  quite a Mutt and Jeff team, with Snoopy’s long legs and this guys short ones.  He did leave us and return home when we got into Strawberry hills though.

When we got to the main road, muddy water was running down and mixing with the snow still on the top…IMG_7662


and farther down, the pot holes are showing now they are no longer filled with ice.IMG_7664


They say spring is still not here – and we could have blizzards in April or even May (sounds a lot like the Canadian Prairies where we are from), but this was a welcome reminder that it will come after all.

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2 Responses to Around And About…. Thoughts and Dreams of Spring

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    We are still waiting for the snow to disappear here – although it is nearly gone. I found a couple clumps of snowdrops in a sheltered corner of the garden. But we still have to check the calendar to be sure it really is April.

  2. Hang on to those hopes of spring!!

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