Here We Go Froggy Loo……

I think I must be dyslexic after all.  Not in reading – I can keep the letters from dancing before my eyes most of the time, but give me a quilt setting diagram, and I seem unable to keep the blocks from twisting and turning and  doing the odd do-si-do around the ring. And then one of my stable of seam rippers makes its timely appearance, and I get to sew the seams all over again.

I spent most of yesterday sewing… it was pure heaven.  I have been working on this mystery quilt from Craftsy for about a year – it was one of the projects I began with the idea of working on it while I was waiting for our container to arrive last spring.  As luck would have it, I was out of the country the whole time, and away from my sewing machine.

I call this Polka Dot Passion – I have never used polka dots before, and I fell in love with these cheerful explosions of colour.  In fact – only the turquoise and white are not spotted.

I had finally arrived at the stage where the blocks all go together.  With no place to hang my large design wall, I set up two quarters of the quilt to assemble, and then the other two.  Here is the folded block placement diagram –IMG_7616

I had already dismantled most of it before, as the blocks had mysteriously turned around when I transferred them from design board to sewing machine, and I was looking forward to getting this done. My faithful helper was in the doorway, protecting me from intruders –P1080238


Here we are…… two quarters finished. P1080240

Now check the centre blocks – lower right on the one on the board….. and compare it to the diagram.  I didn’t see it until I was setting out the other two quarters, and had too many of one block and not enough of the other.P1080241

Darn – back to the seam ripper……. singing “Here we go froggy-loo, here we go froggy-lie”.  for those non-quilters among you, tearing out stitches is commonly called “frogging” – you know “rip-it, rip-it”P1080244

Fortunately, there wasn’t much to do….. soon fixed, P1080245

and you can believe that I was ultra careful with the other two quadrants of the quilt.P1080246

Here is the completed top.   P1080254

The pattern didn’t call for borders, but this double-queen size quilt is way too small.  I have a bit of fabric left, so now I am busy designing borders to finish it off. IMG_7617

Then it will go into the pile of tops awaiting the setting up of my quilting frame.

I am getting impatient to begin quilting – so I had better get serious about sewing…… and no more frogging – OK?

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6 Responses to Here We Go Froggy Loo……

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    In spite of the frog-stitching required, your quilt top is beautiful – love the bright colours.

  2. Karen Latimer says:

    Love the colors.

  3. Lori says:

    Kathi – what a gorgeous quilt!! Great job!

  4. trkingmomoe says:

    The colors just pop out. It is going to be a really charming quilt.

  5. Brenda F says:

    nice work—now I see your vision. Did some of those fabrics come from our trip to Regina’s new quilt shop? By the way another one has opened in Saskatoon.

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