it isn’t easy being lazy.  Take this morning, for example.

– I need a few groceries – the kind I can usually get from the local shop which                 opens at 9 am.                                                                                                                                  – Snoopy needs to go for a walk. He is starting to walk with his legs crossed.              –  – I want to stay inside and sew all day.                                                                                       – It is quite nasty out, with fine snow falling and fairly strong winds.

Snoopy MUST go out, so the obvious solution is to bundle up against the cold (I am still a bit of a wimp after my 5 years in the Middle East) and walk him, arriving at the shop at the stroke of 9 am to pick up my few groceries.  But that is almost 40 minutes from now…Yikes!

That being said, thanks to diligent shopping in Norway last year, I am fully equipped with winter gear able to withstand more frigid temperatures than the current – 10 C , but with wind chill – 20C.  On go the ski pants, Heavy down parka and leather mitts to cut the wind. Up goes the hood.  I have really discovered why there is thick fur along the edge – it is amazing how much it cuts the wind and protects my face from its icy bite.

And off we go.  Of course, Snoopy, my intrepid desert dog, is impervious to wind and cold. He gallops along, often far ahead of me, then stops to make sure I’m still coming.  He climbs snow banks and eats the snow.  He decides that the only place to do his business in the middle of a small rose bush, strategically placed where it really DOES need to be picked up.  He lollops along, smiling, his ears flopping madly.

We went up and down every street in the Moonlight side of the complex.  The fine snow is drifting along the streetsIMG_7613


and into every crevice and cranny – including a few unusual ones –IMG_7609


We go by the huge snow pile where the workers have blown snow collected in the streets – notice the tops of the trees – probably 30 feet high…IMG_7604


The sun is valiantly trying to pierce its way through the clouds, but to no avail.IMG_7606


I made it back to the shop at 9:02….. and they had no tomatoes out yet!  Still, I did get everything else, and headed straight home with my purchases. Total time – 54 minutes.  Total distance – 2.46 miles.

I’m off upstairs to sew now….. I guess I’ll try for tomatoes this afternoon.  That darn dog will need to go out then as well.

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5 Responses to Sometimes….

  1. Hope says:

    I totally can relate, my dog demands to go out whatever the weather, like you its good for me too. I sure enjoy your blog.

  2. So good to see the streets of Sakhalin again. . . What a pile of snow. . . Stay warm.

  3. Beris lyons says:

    Are there any parks near by for you to take Snoopy?

    • Parks I would have to drive to. There is a path through the woods that is beaten down by snow mobiles that is nice to walk on though, and very pretty, and lots of small streets to wander through. The only problem right now is that you have to walk a piece on the roads, and when they are busy, it is not much fun, as they are narrow with all the snow piled on the sides. It is great in the summer though.

  4. Snow adds a whole new dimension to travel…even if it is not very far!

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