Ice Age 2014

Saturday brought us the long awaited and formerly postponed ice show performances at City Arena. The company, “Ice Symphony”, is much like ‘Icecapades” in North America.   Ice Symphony is now 10 years old, and features a troupe of former Olympic medalists and World title holders in a fast moving series of solos and pairs dances. One of the skaters, Maroussia Zykov, came from Sakhalin, having lived in Okha most of her life.

The performances were slated for February 19 and 20, but the snow storm of the 17-18 meant the skaters couldn’t fly in, and so we were fortunate that they had time to come and skate for us. In spite of time zone changes (the afternoon show was skated at 6 am their time), they gave us a great show.  It was interesting to see how many people had flowers to shower on their favourites – and those at ice lever were rewarded with a kiss or hug from the skaters.

We were asked not to take photos during the performances.  I have a few of the arena before the show. Here are the seats at ice level – the most expensive, but I prefer the balcony, as I like to be able to see the whole ice.  i guess if I’d been vying for a kiss from Alexie, I would have sat there though.IMG_7598


A couple shots heisted from their website –skate skate2

and here – the final bow.


I think it would have been better to see the matinee performance, as the skaters were pretty tired by the evening show,.  Still, it was a great experience seeing the likes of Alexie Yagudin (2002), Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Totmianina (2006),  Maxin Shabalin and Oksana Domnina (2010) in person, tired or not.

And to think that some people consider Yuzhno the end of the world.  I guess it must be the right end!

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4 Responses to Ice Age 2014

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Last spring my daughter and I went to see “Stars on Ice” in London, ON and it was amazing to see the speed the skaters perform at. Nothing on TV gives you the same appreciation for their talent.

  2. Sakhalin is a lovely place. So wish I could be there.

  3. trkingmomoe says:

    Thank you for all the likes you give me on my quilt blog. I love ice skating.

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