Sochi Fever

I admit it – I have been missing-in-action for almost two weeks.  I have had Sochi Fever.

It has been a long time since I had a chance to watch the Olympics.   For many years, we have only had a television because it was hooked up to our DVD player.  So this year has been special.

It has also been quite exciting to be living in the country where the games are being held…….. there is a certain Russian pride engendered by it, as well as the deep-seated pride in being Canadian.  And to ad to it all, in November, the Olympic Torch had visited Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, where I live. I guess I was hooked even before the first event.

The television has been on most of my waking hours since February 8.  We are seven hours ahead of Sochi, and I am not crazy enough to be up at 2 am to watch.IMG_7447

It took three cycles to finally see all of the opening ceremonies, and I was really impressed with the show. To only have one small technical glitch in a production like that is incredible, to my mind.IMG_7439

And then the competitions began.  Mostly, I was looking forward to the figure skating, having grown up with a mother that loved it.  I had even been able to see a bit of  Skate Canada live one year when they competition was in Regina, and my Mom had tickets.  Dad enjoyed being with Mom, but he didn’t mind not going to all the events………

But I enjoyed events that I hadn’t even heard of – like the Biatholon………and was astounded at the amazing acrobatics performed on snowboards, and on skis. Ski jumping, speed skating, skiing – I have watched every sport, and marveled at the skill and passion of these young people from around the world. Even having the commentary all in Russian hasn’t diminished the fun.  I find that I am picking out more and more words as I watch and listen.IMG_7453

I checked the Sochi app on my iPad as soon as I awoke each morning to see what had happened, and what the medal counts were now.  I wore my tiny Canadian flag pin when I  volunteered at the school.

This morning the final figure skating medals were awarded.  I also awoke to the news of a gold medal for the Canadian Women’s curling team…….. and watched with my heart in my mouth as our Canadian hockey players pulled a win out of a 2-0 deficit.  Wow, ladies – you are incredible….. Four consecutive gold medals in Women’s Hockey. If the overtime had gone on much longer, I’m afraid David would have gone to work without breakfast.

I haven’t been completely idle while watching the games – I have done a lot on my hand applique, and am very close to finishing all the blocks.  It has been good to have a reason to just sit…..IMG_7489

So here Sunday the 24th  will be the final hurrah as the games come to an end.

See you the 25th.

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4 Responses to Sochi Fever

  1. Connie says:

    I too have been glued to the TV this last 2 weeks. We did go to Sun Peaks to meet Jason, Cathy, Naomi and Maia last week but they skied and I watched the Olympics. Unlike you though I have nothing to show for my time. My mother also loved the figure skating and I have always been a fan. I watch all the events and am just so amazed and impressed with the ability of these people. The training and dedication that all have put in, not just the winners. Now to see what the men can do …. Go Canada go.

  2. Evelyn Julian says:

    Hi Kathi, You haven’t been the only one watching the Olympics closely and being very proud of our Canadian team. SO many new sports to learn about and a whole new language no matter what nationality you are. Lots of hand work going on for most quilters, I expect. Happy Stitching, Evelyn in SW Ontario, Canada

  3. Dolores says:

    Lovely stitching. I fear that I have not been as ‘into’ the games as a lot of people around the world but I do like to look at the standings. At the moment we are in 2nd place with regards to medal standings – just behind Norway. More to come – men’s curling and of course, the hockey game.

  4. ashley828 says:

    I hear you can get Sochi Fever from drinking the water there! 😉 I haven’t been watching the games, but I hear lots of updates from other shows and my coworkers, so I almost feel like I’m in the know.

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