A Change in Direction

I am NOT a quitter. But Tuesday I did. I quit my Russian language class.

I was getting pretty overwhelmed with the grammar – too many cases and endings.  Did you know that there are 12 different words to say “my” in Russian? And that is just the beginning.

On top of it all, I wasn’t learning the words I needed for everyday life – or not remembering enough of them in the panic to get homework done and more rules used.  And I tend to be shy talking if I’m not sure how to say what I want to.  Hence, not speaking enough in class.  It would have been easier, I think, to be in a group.

So, I feel bad about quitting…. and yet, it’s like I had a big Sakhalin brown bear on my back, and now he is gone.  I have other ways of learning. – My Russian101 pod casts and my Earworms app are based on useful dialogue.

And television. I spend Tuesday watching the Olympics in Russian, and I learned a new word – молодец (maladitz).

It means “well done”!  I think that is a good start.

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15 Responses to A Change in Direction

  1. Karen J in SW Ontario says:

    Hi Kathi:
    Don’t feel badly about stopping the language lessons. You did your best. It almost sounds like Latin with the cases and declensions. Not something I miss a lot I must confess. Now you have more time for quilting. Are you still getting lots of snow? ? North America sure is!

    • We haven’t had a lot of snow this year at all….. some light, fluffy stuff but no storms since New Years Day. And yes – I do have time to quilt, and not feel guilty about it.

  2. Cecilia magor says:

    I know how you feel, encounter the same on my one to one course of Danish and ended up quitting! It’s easier to learn in a group cause you learn from others mistakes and silly answers…. More every day vocabulary will serve you better! So close that door and move on ! 👍

  3. Don’t you dare feel bad! You tried, and that class was not for you. We all have different ways of learning – and in all honesty Kathi, if you read any of the new research on learning a second language they all say grammar should come way down the track – not at the beginning! You were not looking to be able to write the next Tolstoy style book in Russian – you want to be able to talk to people, the grammar will come naturally as you learn. I think you should feel very proud of yourself that you even tried, and that you have already leaned so much. It’s time to pat yourself on the back for taking a stand 🙂

  4. brenda says:

    My kids consider—–“fat quarters”, “jelly rolls”, “batiks”, “fussy cut”‘ “”log cabin”, “half square triangles”, etc……..a very foreign language! I find you very conversant. Life is too short-enjoy it how you like.

  5. Sue says:

    Good JOb!! Well Done. . . Arabic, Norwegian, Russian, Canadian. . . more than most people!!!

  6. NikkiM says:

    Hi Kathi
    Don’t stress I don’t speak English properly! What about another language!

  7. Well Kathi I guess Finnish will not be the next language you’ll learn… check out how many word they have just for dog (http://www.vanhamoto.net/2013/11/off-topic-what-do-you-mean-finnish-is.html) 😀
    I feel like quitting Chinese almost every week too (those tones get me in trouble) then I remember I’m actually having fun with my teacher. Not sure who learns more about the other one culture though :-). But I know it won’t last I think I took only 1 year (maybe 1.5 at the most) of class the last time I was here.
    Good luck, C.

    • Don’t even want to think about it, Celine. I still want to learn Russian, but I need to know more words and conversation before I get so heavily into the grammar. My son-in-law and his family speak Cantonese, so I understand what you are up against. I am hoping to find some people to study with as I know several that are just beginning the book I was working in. Maybe in a group I will not feel so under-the-gun. Good luck with your studies. K

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