A Bit Of Sewing

The past week or sew I have made a determined effort to do some sewing most days, instead of hyperventilating about how much Russian I do not remember. It has been so nice. And I have caught up on my exchange blocks, and even gotten ahead.

I think it all began when I received an surprise package from Scotland. My block from Wendy seemed to have been lost in the mail, and she sent a replacement with a colleague of her husband’s, who was visiting Yuzhno to work with David on an upcoming project.


She also included an exquisite handmade card.


That, I think was really what sparked my determination to get busy and sew.
So first, I finished the handpieced Dresden Plate block I was making for Odette.


Then, I finished piecing the monochromatic landscape I was working on for my “Dyeing To Design” class. (It does still need to be quilted)


Next on the list was a paper pieced block in turquoise, orange and gray. I had a lot of trouble choosing fabrics for this block, a I had never tried to put those colours together before. Luckily, Sue had given me some really lovely gray fabrics at Christmas, and so, here is what I came up with. I think I like turquoise and orange together after all……. and will use them together again.


That took care of the blocks I was supposed to have finished for January – I was only one day late with the last one. On to February……. Pam had a lovely choice in soft, feminine colours. I enjoyed searching through my stash of fat quarters to find just the right fabrics.


I received a surprise – two parcels in the mail. One was a lovely block from Alia, which you will see at the end, and the other, Wendy’s lost parcel. Wow – what a wonderful day, and just what I needed to keep my momentum up.

I had a difficult time choosing fabrics for Corinne’s block, as she wanted a modern look, and I don’t really have many fabrics that would qualify. I did find one, however, that worked for the centre block, and….. it is the pink and green one in the last photo. The one problem with doing this on my iPad is that if I don’t attach photos as I type, they just go to the bottom of the blog.

On a roll, and not wanting to stop, I decided to finish the blocks for March as well, as I can send them to Corinne to distribute in Oman when she visits there next. I won’t post them on the bee site, but here they are – and I am quite happy with them as well.



Not bad for the work of a bit more than a week. I can’t wait to see the dynamic quilts that my friends will make with their blocks……. and I need to get busy on my own design – Asian fabrics in circle blocks. You can see the block Alia sent me at the bottom of this collage.


I am so lucky to have such good friends to encourage me and spur me on – and so lucky to have the opportunity and the time for this creative hobby.

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10 Responses to A Bit Of Sewing

  1. Heather Campbell says:

    I love the blocks, Kathi.

  2. Dolores says:

    You’ve done some lovely work. Where did you get the Dresden looking hexagon pattern? I’ve not seen that before. I really do like the Asian circles – they are very effective.

    • The hexagon pattern is called Spinning Wheels, and is from Piece-o-cake. The original pattern makes 5 1/2 inch blocks, but the lady I made it for enlarged them to around 12. I thought it was really nice, and bought the pattern for myself as well. And I will have to show a photo of all my different circle blocks – they are quilte unique, and I will have to put on my thinking cap to design a quilt around them that doesn’t just look like a cabbage patch.

  3. brenda says:

    Kathi, so inspiring!! Love this blog.

  4. Hope says:

    like them, keep it up.

  5. Sue says:

    THis is more than a BIT of sewing. . . this is a LOT to accomplish. Congratulations. and it is all beautiful. Love the monochromatic piece. Cant wait to see it quilted. and now I have ideas for the oriental fabrics I have been collecting. and the Dresdan plate lools so old fashioned and traditional out of new fabrics. You have done fatastic. keep it up.

    • Thanks, Sue. It gas felt so good to be sewing and getting things done. I’m afraid the next two weeks will be hand sewing while watching the Olympics. First time in a very long while that I have had TV to watch it, even if it is all in Russian.

  6. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Wow, Kathi, it must be a great feeling to get so much accomplished….and an inspiration to the rest of us to get busy and finish up some of those ‘do it later’ projects.
    I’m planning to get started on hand quilting my ‘Ottawa Valley Serenade” quilt while the Olympics are on. At least my commentary will be in English.

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