What’s it worth?

This applies to not only quilters, but everyone who makes handcrafted items. Value yourself, your time, and your talents.

Hunter's Design Studio

This morning I caught a post on a quilting Facebook feed… a member posted a picture of a delightful baby quilt and asked what she should charge the neighbor that just asked to buy it from her. She mentioned that the quilt was made from a panel with pieced borders, and that the quilting was done in threads to match the fabric colors (oh, the thread changes!). She mentioned she was thinking $85. A fellow poster thought $100 was better. Another said it depends on the closeness of the friendship.

First of all… I’m not naming names here because I don’t want this person to feel pilloried – far from it, I absolutely appreciate her question and have one heck of an opinion about how it should be answered… a rather, ahem, shall we say passionate opinion – you are warned! Her question, which I hear dozens of times a…

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2 Responses to What’s it worth?

  1. Sam Hunter says:

    Thank you for the re-blog!

    • Thank you for writing such a great series of articles. as crafters, we too often shortchange ourselves, and need to be reminded. And our potential customers need to understand the truth of it. When asked if I sell quilts, I always reply that I don’t, I only give them away, as they would cost too much to buy.

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