Frosty Morning Walk

The snow banks have settled to about two and a half feet high along the road.  There is light snow falling, and more in the forecast.  Saturday morning – time to give Snoopy a proper walk before I hide in my sewing room for the day.

We have been along here many times, but not, I think, since the big storm in December.  In the narrow walkway between streets, the path is about 8 inches wide, and probably two feet above the ground.IMG_7409



Snow still sits atop these fence posts –IMG_7412


A greenhouse without a proper roof covering –IMG_7415


The sun, trying to rise and push back the gloom –IMG_7416


Dachas (summer cottages), closed for the winter – And also some beautiful year-round houses in the area.IMG_7418 IMG_7414


And lots of snow.IMG_7420

It was a good walk – too bad my phone dies before I got home, as there were more scenes I wanted to capture.  Next week, I will go again, and see what has changed.IMG_7423

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3 Responses to Frosty Morning Walk

  1. Sartenada says:

    Fantastic winter photos even thru my Finnish eyes.

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