Caught in a Moment of Preparation

This young lady is a studen in Glasgow, and has a wonderful voice. as you read her article, you will see what a great grasp she has not only on performing, but on life in general. Thank you, Charlotte.

Charlotte Hoather


This week – I’m preparing for my vocal exam next Wednesday. Asking questions of myself; how can I better this? Am I using my time effectively?

I recently found myself at an enriching crossroads, where I reached a point in my development and I was unsure where to take my music from there.

I have been singing with the conscious effort of being correct. But I cannot do this when I perform. I need to lose myself in the music that I am performing. I am singing the dots, rather creating a line and sewing the phrase together.

    “Nowadays, we tend to rely on sound rather than shape. But music is not about sound. Sound is simply its material, (as paint is for painting). What music is about is gesture, colour, shape, form and, especially, emotional intensity.” [The New York Times, Rodger Norrington. 2003].

My voice is like paint, but if I…

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