The Wonders of Technology

On Saturday I was out shopping. Mostly necessary things, but time to look for treats as well. David had told me about the new case/keyboard combo that is out for tablets and iPads. We looked in City Mall, but they didn’t have any. And on Saturday, I just happened to be diving by Stolitsa, where there is an Apple store. Now, it would be really silly not to at least check, wouldn’t it?

It took a few minutes to get across just what I was looking for, but, wonder of wonders, they had it………. in RED! It was a sign, I mean, if I wasn’t meant to buy it, they would have only had boring black. And as an added bonus, it cost 400 rubles less than the sticker price.

I didn’t get a chance to play until Sunday, and then I could not get it to pair with my iPad. Luckily, this morning I found the instructions, and here I am, typing on a real keyboard.


I know it will take a while to figure out where all the keys are, and what I can and cannot do from the keyboard. It has Russian letters a well, which will come in very handy. Maybe I can practise conjugating verb on this instead of painstakingly printing them out.

I guess it was a toy I really didn’t need, but when traveling especially, I can see where it will just be the cat’s whiskers.
And of course, it IS red!

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