My First Russian Blizzard

When I arrived in Yuzhno last March, the drifts were four feet tall….at least. I had seen photos of the storm, or at least the aftermath, but didn’t experience more than a few snow flurries.  And, with snow still on the ground, we were spirited away to Bangkok the end of March.  When I got back in the middle of June, it was spring —- almost summer, really.

this fall was long and the weather was beautiful. Folks kept saying that the snow should come….. and it did.  An inch now, 2 inches another day….It was white, but nothing you couldn’t easily walk through.IMG_7078

Then last weekend came…… and the world as we knew it changed dramatically.

It started quietly enough – very fine snow that almost looked like fog…… but fog doesn’t stay on the ground.

The flakes got bigger…….  Snoopy was so excited to go for a walk, as he loves the  snow.P1070508

And it didn’t stop…. not Saturday, nor Saturday night, nor Sunday.

We kept going out and shoveling off the front step, but left the back, and soon the deck was completely buried in snow, and the drift out the back was also over 3 feet deep.  No way that door would open.

Enough said – I’ll let the photos tell you the rest.

Saturday, December 14….. noonP1070495 P1070501

Saturday 6:24 pmP1070521

Sunday, December 15….. 9:30 am.  The little black sticks you see in the snow (third photo) are the windshield wipers of the cars… standing up so they don’t freeze to the windshields.  Good thing they are there, or you would never know it wasn’t just a drift.P1070528 P1070532


Sunday 6:15 pm – digging out the car in front of the hotel –P1070559

Monday, December 16…..P1070564 P1070570 P1070569 P1070581


Tuesday, December 17 – 8 amIMG_7101

It is now Saturday again, and they are finally getting the huge piles of snow hauled off, and the sidewalks cleared.

We have had about 2 inches of fluffy snow today so far…… but that is normal.

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4 Responses to My First Russian Blizzard

  1. sharon says:

    Oh my word, I don’t think I would know how to cope with all that snow.

  2. Lori says:

    Looks just like here Kathi!! But ours took a bit longer to accumulate! Just want you to know that I am really enjoying my sewing kit that you made for me – I can keep everything in the bag and I no longer lose my scissors! And my hubby is thankful for the pincushion – pins don’t fall on the floor anymore! Have a very Merry Xmas – it will definitely be white! – and a safe, Healthy and Happy New Year. Lori S.

  3. Sue Nixon says:

    Oh my Kathi, come back to Norway, we don’t have hardly any snow so far! Love to see Snoopy enjoying himself. Looks like you have found some lady friends, good for you! We are seeing a turn over of new people here too. Kids came for 2 weeks after Christmas, so we had fun with them, took them to Amsterdam for the weekend, they loved that! All the best and Happy New Year! Sue

    • Love to come back to Norway, Sue. We really loved it there. It is nice here too, though, although colder. Lots of people close by to do things with, which is very nice. Sure would rather be learning Norwegian than Russian though – did you know there are 12 different word for “my”, and 13 for “your” singular? My brain is numb, and not from the cold.

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