I Am So Lucky…..

to live in a place where the sun shines……. even in the middle of winter, and on the shortest days…..IMG_7078

I am so lucky to live where I can see mountains in the distance – not too close so they are overwhelming, but just “over there” where I can appreciate their majesty…..IMG_7030

I am so lucky to have woods walk in where I am safe…… where Snoopy can run and play in the snow…..

I am so lucky to have beautiful sunrises, with blush-coloured clouds and ice-covered ponds…IMG_7075

I am so lucky to have a warm home. with a beautiful Christmas tree and carols on the CD player..P1070489

And good friends both here and all over the world.

And I am so thankful!IMG_7083

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3 Responses to I Am So Lucky…..

  1. hanne says:

    Have a wonderful weekend, Kathi!

  2. Beautiful. So glad to hear that you are happy in your new home. What a SUPER opportunity to experience various countries around the world and NOT just visit them for a week. I think you are indeed VERY LUCKY!!!!

  3. cuz says:

    That is a very touching post Kath….the pics and quips make you realize how lucky we all are. Have a great Christmas

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