Gremlins In my Sewing Room.

I’ve been working on. Craftsy mystery class quilt. Just set up one quarter of it twice, and thought I just had two seams left to have half the quilt put together. Now I see that the corners are all wrong and the bottom row is upside down. I’m sure I had it laid out


My seam ripper has been steaming.  This is what it is supposed to look like —–IMG_7041

Do door locks work for the quilting gremlins??? I need to know.

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5 Responses to Gremlins In my Sewing Room.

  1. Karen Latimer says:

    No, locks don’t work. Gremlins can morph into any shape or size necessary to get into quilting rooms, computer programs, cross stitch patterns – anything their little hearts desire.

  2. Connie says:

    Gremlins love sewing rooms. I had made a set of 8 place mats some months ago and hadn’t gotten around to sandwiching and quilting them. Two weeks ago I got them out to do and I only had 7!! Searched everywhere. Finished the 7 and said to David – hope we don’t have 8 people at a time:) Yesterday I was doing a different project and picked up something off the bed in my sewing room – voila there was the 8th place mat. I know I looked on the bed more than once!!

    • They have done that to me too. Can’t they go pick on someone else and leave us alone. I’m beginning to think I’m dyslexic, the number of things I’ve put together backwards lately.

  3. Carol McNab says:

    Such a nice block, I really like it. Think I saw it on the Craftsy site. I do want to make it sometime.
    Got your blog addy from Cdnswapquilter site.

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