At The New “Western” Mall

In July after we had gotten settled in our townhouse, and all our furniture was more or less in place, I ventured alone on a fact-finding mission……… just what is at the City Mall anyway?P1060462

I wasn’t  sure just how far away it was, having only driven past it when on the way from the airport, and once with a friend, so I called a taxi.  Imagine my chagrin when I found myself there in about 3 minutes…… and paid 250 rubles ($8.00) for the privilege. “OK”, said Self, “unless I am carrying very heavy objects, or a great amount of groceries, I can walk here.  No taxi required. First stop was the grocery store….. not to buy anything yet, but I had discovered that the ATM there would accept my Norwegian bank card, and not many will.  Armed with a wad of ruble notes, I began my reconnaissance mission.

There are four floors in City Mall, with a huge open area in the middle.  Floors 1 and 3 have floors , while on floors 2 and 4, one can look down from a balcony, with stores ringing the centre court.

I wandered all around the mall.  The top floor seemed to be all furniture, the rest mostly clothing.  I discovered later that there is an electronics store on the 4th floor, and bought a new printer there….. but I’m skipping ahead of myself.

The third floor has a huge kids store – toys and some clothing as well.  Outside, there are these huge riding horses. Ok, I thought – I see that you pay so much for 15 minutes – but how do they go?IMG_6471

I discovered later that there is some sort of spring action in the legs, so when a child sort of bounces up and down, the legs spread forward and back and it rolls along.  It looks like great fun.  I wish my granddaughter was here so we could try it out.IMG_6754

The third floor also has the food court.  There is a wide array of choices – chicken, burgers, Russian food, pizza, donuts, and three oriental food stalls.  I went to the Japanese one because the pictures on the menu were the clearest,IMG_6474

and ordered a fish soup, I think mostly by pointing at the menu board. It was good.P1060456

Afterward, I went around and checked out some of the other choices – donutsP1060457

Cinnabon –P1060459

several ice cream venders – the Russians really like their ice cream……

and a wonderful chocolate shop with amazing sculptured chocolate – as well as some coffee, tea and flavoured syrups.IMG_6462P1060458


I looked at some of the clothing store windows.  As well as a Nike store and a Sportsmaster, there are numerous stores we recognize – like Max and Gloria Jeans.  And fancy lingerie  and bathing suits –IMG_6472

and shoes.IMG_6473

Ands childrens’ clothes that will drain your wallets, and knock your socks off.IMG_6465

Here is a more recent photo, just to give you an idea of what your little princess could wear in the winter.IMG_6756

There are also souvenir shops, a hunting and outdoors kiosk, Japanese and Korean shops –P1060460

glasses, restaurants, camera stores, watches…….. everything you would expect to find….IMG_6466

and a huge grocery store that is fairly well stocked – especially the liquor section.

As it is quite close, I often go to City Mall to do my shopping.  It is not the most exciting place in town, but sometimes, a bit of the familiar is exactly what this adventurer needs.

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2 Responses to At The New “Western” Mall

  1. Connie says:

    Looks like a mall anywhere doesn’t it. How much would you pay for one of those lovely coats for little girls? They are very pretty. Also wondering about the language behind the lingerie, is it Italian? Love your blog it keeps me “traveling” while sitting in my armchair.

  2. Jacquie Bonneau says:

    Looking forward to my next armchair travel adventure.

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