My New Project

Maybe I should have said “My new addiction”. I am finally really learning how to knit.

It all began last  January, when my daughter Heather was visiting us in Norway.  She had brought her knitting with her, and that prompted me to get out my collection of needles and yarn.  You see, almost as soon as I arrived in Norway, I had been seduced by the  proliferation of yarns and patterns in the shops, IMG_6950and by the fact that almost every Norwegian woman that I knew kitted.  But I hadn’t had the courage to actually get my purchases out of the closet.

Heather had learned to knit from a friend in the UK.  When I was young, my mother had taught me the Scandinavian way, which I still believe is much simpler and uses a lot less energy.  So Heather and I surfed the net, and came upon some good YouTube videos that showed us how it was done.  I remembered the kit part, but purling defied my memory. P1020732


After several false starts, I decided that I really didn’t want to knit a scarf anyways, and that dish towels, I could practice on and use. Armed with this Norwegian book of 250 patterns,+ and a translation sheet –IMG_6948

and a set of bamboo needles, I worked off and on over the spring and summer, practicing on fancy squares with cotton yarn. I finally learned the difference between knit and purl, and didn’t have to relearn the purl bit every time I picked up the needles.IMG_6942

I learned that I could usualy count to 5 and still talk to someone.

I bought yarn and dreamed of my big project – to make a winter hat for my granddaughter, just like the ones my Mom had made for my three girls when they were young.

I found Mom’s pattern in her house in the spring when I was there,IMG_6941

bought a whole set of circular needles,IMG_6947

and girded my loins for the big day I would begin this project.  I had never knit anything that wasnt straight and flat, never read a knitting pattern

This fall, I got busy.  After all, this has to be finished in time to send by post all the way from Eastern Russia to Calgary.

I’m almost done – and just realized that I hadn’t taken even one photo of the process.  With the help of several internet sites, I have learned to increase and decrease, and now, to pick up stitches from the edge of a knit piece.I know now that, with my inclination to knit quite tightly, bamboo needles are not the best tools for me.

I am beginning the neckband, and then just have a couple of seams and my adorable bonnet will be complete.IMG_6939

I can see now how the ears are formed…… and am so happy with the wool, which I bought solely for the colours, and didn’t realize that it would make flower patterns all on its own.IMG_6940

I hope Aaryana loves her “cat hat” as much as my daughters loved theirs. I think  I might just knit another – and maybe go on to bigger and more complicated things. Sweaters?  Socks ? (gasp)IMG_6949

This knitting can get under one’s skin.

Happy dance!!!

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9 Responses to My New Project

  1. Fabulous! Well done! I love the hat and the wool was perfect. Please feel free to experiment with one for bigger heads – I’ll wear it lol.
    I love to knit and my wee girl has a number of designer (me lol) outfits that were great when we were in Korea – We can have knitting and sewing circles. You are very clever …

  2. Connie says:

    That is such a cute hat. I remember hats like that – I think I might have had one. My Mom was a great knitter and tried to teach me ( no luck), I even took a knitting class once but it just never “took”. One of my other quilting friends has been bitten by the bug and must say I am tempted as the yarns are so beautiful, still do not need another addiction!!

  3. byjo2cv says:

    Well done Kathi, it is great to have a bit of knitting when the TV is rubbish, waiting for the dr etc etc. I found socks on four needles quite easy once you have mastered the basics, as you have, and they are really warm and cosy and there are so many lovely wools out there that make the fair isle for you! Enjoy. x

  4. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Well done, Kathi – I have that same pattern I used when my daughter was little. I’ve knit since I was little – find it very relaxing. I do a “World series’ sweater every year – usually for one of my adult children – then I don’t feel so bad sitting and watching baseball.
    Our church knits prayer shawls from patterns as simple or complicated as the knitter wishes to use and then we distribute them to people we know going through a crisis.
    Keep those needles clicking….

    • Thanks, Evelyn. My mother tried to teach me to knit when I was in Guides, and I did the required square for my badge. I knit either too tight, so I couldn’t get the needle into the stitches, or so loose it looked like lace. Small wonder I didn’t think it was much fun then.

      I guess some things do get easier when you get older.

  5. Dolores says:

    It just requires practice – just like with everything else. I don’t think I have used bamboo needles but I do know I can’t knit as easily with plastic (or whatever they are) needles. I NEED metal ones and scoured the legion in Quesnel for all the metal ones they had when I was visiting my daughter. I came out with 20 pair – at 10 cents a pair. I have enough of a variety now because I too knit the Scandinavian way (or European way.) It goes quicker.

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