Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day

The thing about having a dog is that you have a friend that is always there for you, patiently waiting for a look or a pat or a friendly word.  Unconditional love.

The thing about having a dog is that he must go out for a walk, rain or shine, sleet or hail or snow.  Fresh air, whether you wanted it or not, and whether you thought you had time for it.

Most of last night, it rained – this morning, it turned to snow.  With the temperature hovering around zero, one would think that it would still be nice enough outside – but add a wind and it is a biting -7 C or so, and it puts the roses in your cheeks when you face it.

Before we ventured out, I took a few camera shots through the open door. And here is scientific proof – snowflakes really DO have six sides, just in case you were unconvinced.P1070419

You can see the snow being blown by the cars.P1070416




And away we go. This looks like we are ready for Christmas mail.IMG_6897


The maintenance workers have been busy preparing the grounds for winter.  They have tied the branches of smaller shrubs together – strength in numbers.  Alone, under 4 feet of snow, they would break.IMG_6895

And these trees have towers over them for protection.IMG_6866


Walking along behind Snoopy in the fresh snow, I made an interesting discovery.  You may have heard of dogtracking.  It is when the front and rear wheels of a vehicle are not directly lined up , but the back is to one side.  Often dogs are like that (hence the name).  Snoopy always lists to the left.  But look at his tracks.   IMG_6894    The left ones are made by his rear feet – the right by his front ones.  I never noticed that before.

We walked along the road and then along a short path through the woods.  It was calm there, and out of the wind.IMG_6877


The snow is quite wet, so it sticks to the leaves and branches.  Here are a few of the shots I took along the way.IMG_6887 IMG_6882 IMG_6881 IMG_6873

I was cold when I got home – Snoopy loves the snow and didn’t want to come inside.  Crazy desert dog!

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts on a Snowy Day

  1. Love the photos, they really capture the day and the cold. Snoopy looks like he’s having a ball.

  2. Sue says:

    I think it is interesting the way even a light snow makes the scene monochromatic.

  3. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Once again, great photos. Even here in SW Ontario we have some snow on the roof tops and in the shady areas of the garden. But I picked my last roses on Tues.

    • I saw roses still blooming beautifully just the other day. Think I will walk by that way this morning and see if they are there, freeze dried. I had that happen in Regina one year with my Cuthert Grant bush. It was quite amazing.

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