Let’s Go For A Sunday Drive

Sunday – and David didn’t have to work.  What a treat – especially when he had Saturday free as well.  And with a car now – just three weeks ago, what was to keep us home?  The sun was shining, the gas tank was full, and the road led from Yuzhno in all directions.  Hmmmmm – which to choose?  Been south and west – looks like the road north is calling. So we packed Snoopy into the car, and off we went.

The highway runs straight through Yuzhno along Mira Avenue – the main street at the end of our road. Driving through town on Sunday morning isn’t nearly the hectic adventure that it is on a weekday.  Soon, we left the city behind.  The open fields and beautiful fall foliage were just what we needed.

There were lots of trucks on the highway, but soon we were through Dolinsk, and at the coast. David hadn’t been there before – and I only once, but we found the beach with no trouble. P1070215                                                                                                              The sea lions were out, sunning themselves on the rocks. P1070214                                             Until you see them move, you would thing that they are rocks themselves, although they do look funny with their tails stuck up in the air.

There were men panning for amber – not scratching through the rocks and seaweed like we did when I was there before. P1070230

They stood in the water, and one man put shovels full of sand into a sieve.  They seemed to be finding bigger pieces than we found on the beach…….. I wonder if we will need hip waders when we go out again.

Just north of Стародубкое (Staradubskoe), the highway follows the coastline.  Mile upon mile of beautiful white sandy beaches – 56 km without a break.  It was wonderful watching the waves roll in and crash upon the beach.P1070241

Along the first bit, there are ponds along the highway, with a dyke between them and the beach. Blinds dot the edge for the duck hunters, and even decoys left in the water close by. The trees are stunted by the cold winds off the ocean.P1070237

As we got close to Взморье (Vzmore), se started seeing stands along the road selling crabs.  We stopped at one – look at the size of them!P1070252

We bought three of the smallest ones – they looked pretty puny at the stand,  but are about the size of a dinner plate.  Perception really is comparative, isn’t it?

We turned off the highway and went through town to an old Japanese shrine.P1070259P1070270

There had been a fish packing plant along the coast when the island was under Japanese rule…….. like most things from that time, it is now in ruins.P1070269

Somehow, I don’t think this boat will float again – no more crabbing for it.P1070257

On the road again, and still heading north.  Here, there are mountains between the highway and the ocean – rugged, rocky ones like we are used to back home.  Not as tall as the Rockies, but with the same look to them.

About 25 km along the road, we turned off to the right just before Тихая (Teehaya). I didn’t think there was any way to get through the mountains to the ocean.   We crossed the railway tracks, where a very old water tower still stood, a relic of steam travel times.P1070338

The road wound around past a quarry site where they crush rock. All of a sudden – there  it was.  Quiet Beach.  The road along the beach had washed out since David was there in June, but there was a trail in the sand, and several cars on the beach.P1070306P1070297

The cliffs were incredible – very unusual rock in sedimentary striations showing how the earth had been heaved folded.

Toward the point, large boulders of conglomerate stood close to the cliff. See the flowers on top of one of the boulders .P1070310

The tide was a bit too high to walk all around them.  David threw a few rocks into the water so we could go through this passage. P1070325

The water was amazingly still –P1070308

Soon, it was time to head back home.  The sun was still shining – the tamaracks were brilliant in their autumn colours.P1070340

Sakhalin Island is beautiful. I’m so glad that we have the opportunity to live here and to explore it.

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13 Responses to Let’s Go For A Sunday Drive

  1. Megan Fox says:

    Hello, My name is Megan and I’m moving to Yuzhno to join my husband in about a month. I really enjoy reading your blog- as I am an aspiring quilter! 🙂 Thanks for blogging!

  2. Beatrice sykes says:

    Hi Kathy, so nice to read your blog, Ron spent some time there but not long enough to see the beauty of it, he did bring a clam shell he found on the beach in the snow back with him. There must be a quilt group there now so many friends from Holland and UK have been posted there.
    Enjoy your time such a contrast from the Middle East. Bea x

  3. paramjeet says:

    Very interesting Kathi ,I enjoyed the ride and the views too.

  4. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Once again – a lovely drive and so much information. It’s always such and adventure to ‘accompany’ you on your travels.

  5. Charmaine Grills says:

    Beautiful pics. It looks like a lovely place. Reminds me a bit of our west coast, around Tofino. You all look very well, and Snoopy looks very happy in his new home. I love reading your blogs!

  6. Sue says:

    I love the way you make life into such a wonderful adventure!!

  7. I really enjoy all your adventures, Kathi. You write so well & take such lovely photographs of everything. It’s great vicariously traveling to all these different places. Keep it up!

  8. Norma says:

    Hello Katy really enjoy your adventures and pictures, we will soon live in Sakhalin I would like to integrate the quilt group .I am from Peru married with American . True I’m a little scared of the place and the cold , we was living in Oman five years Very hottttt … but one of my best years .

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