A Busy Friday MOrning

This morning we had planned to return to Amber Beach, but it was a dreary morning, and only two of us were free to make the trip.  We have postponed until next week, and, judging from my morning, it is a good thing.  I would never be able to get done if I’d been away all morning. First – the usual walk with Snoopy.  Didn’t take my camera, just the iPhone, and it will NOT focus on white objects.  Still, I have to show you the dogwood flower among the red autumn leaves.  I think this shrub may have a bit of a split personality, and can’t make up its mind if it is spring or autumn.  I’m afraid it will soon find out, though.






This coming Monday is Canadian Thanksgiving, and we Canadians are celebrating on Sunday with the traditional turkey and stuffing…………. these things can be a bit difficult in a country like Russia.  I went searching for turkeys, already prewarned that they came in sizes small and smaller.  Finally, today, I found these two – each weighing 2.8 kg (or a bit over 6 pounds).  IMG_6802                                                     Can you just imagine what they would think of the ones we buy at home, where a small one would be well over double this, and a family size could be more like 15 kg or more!

Second on my shopping list was to get the spare tire fixed.  David told me where to find a shop, and then I was on my own. Luckily, you can do a lot with hand signals. IMG_6800 IMG_6801The fix took about 10 minutes and cost $10.

Now, the pumpkin (squash) is in the oven cooking, inpreparation for Sunday’s pumkin pie, and the second last load of laundry has just finished spinning.IMG_6803                 I may just get to my quilting today after all.

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One Response to A Busy Friday MOrning

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Happy thanksgiving, Kathi – we will be celebrating with our 10 day old granddaughter – lots to be thankful for

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