Gagarin Park Revisited

On Saturday, I drove David to work, and then Snoopy and I went back to Gagarin Park for our morning walk.  In March and June, that was where we went – along the many paths, in and out, round and round.  We haven’t been back there since the beginning of July;  it felt like going home.

Gagarin in October is a far cry from March, or even July. It wasn’t just the cool temperatures that told of the coming of winter.  The lush green of summer has faded, the autumn colours are at their peak.P1060910

There are autumn plants in the flower beds –P1060914

And autumn fruits on the shrubs –P1060919 P1060927

Already leaves blanket the ground.P1060920

The lake has been drained already for winter –P1060926

and we didn’t have to worry about the train as we strolled along the track – it also has been put to bed for the winter, and all the signs telling of fares and schedules tucked away inside.

The stream is still meandering along, gurgling over the rocks – too busy to reflect the autumn colours.P1060924

As we went by the amusement park, they were just beginning to check out the rides in preparation for a busy Saturday afternoon.  P1060928

It was a lovely day, full of good memories, and the making of more.

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3 Responses to Gagarin Park Revisited

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    As always, Kathi, a wonderful walk through the park with you.

  2. brenda f says:

    Interesting to see fall flowers and fruits. Could do that here too??

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