At Amber Beach

Yesterday, I finally got outside the city limits of Yuzhno. I was invited by a friend on a road trip north of the city to Amber Beach. Until we were in the car, I didn’t even know which way we were heading.  And it didn’t matter – at long last I was going to experience a bit more of what this beautiful island has to offer.  And Ogie loves going to Amber Beach.

I did a bit of research on this amber, and discovered that it also comes in black.  Not sure still if some of those light black stones I picked up were amber or not – but they might be. Here is what I found – it doesn’t say WHY it comes up from the sea – only that it does.

” In the east of Russia, in the southern part of the Sakhalin Is., on the beaches of the Patience Gulf, they find amber rather often; this variety is called Japanese amber sometimes. In that region, by the settlement of Starodubskiy, amber is found at deposits of bituminous coal of the Palaeogene age. ”

Two cars of ladies set out about 9:30 am -the back of the vehicles were packed with chairs and food and rubber mats for kneeling on.  Well, OK – I’ve never done this before, so…

My first photo”out of Yuzhno”  Look at the green fields and mountains…P1060825

milk cows – there is a large dairy thereP1060826

and the sky.P1060827

We finally arrived at the beach –P1060844 and what luck!  There was a raft of sea lions just off shore.P1060832

Wow – are they ever talkative. Look at how cute they are.P1060835

Back to the reason for the trip – to find amber, you must dig through the lines of seaweed and sticks and stones that the tide has left behind.  it is good stretching exercise for the back of your legs, that’s for sure.  A short stick is good for picking through the debris.  When the sun is shining, the bits of amber shine like tiny lights.

Here is a sample of the wide variety of sea weed that grows here – amazingly different shapes and sizes and colours.


Some of the ladies searching…P1060852

we had several brief showers, both on the drive and while we were collecting – at noon we took advantage of one of them to have lunch.  And the food.  I didn’t realize how much food and drink would be coming along – I thought it would be each making their own sandwich – but I was treated to homemade peanut butter cookies, and Filipino milk powder cookies, and hot tea. Next time I will know.P1060849

Back collecting –P1060840

We only searched a small part of the beach – where the other ladies have had the best luck.  I understand that farther along, there are wrecks and other interesting sights as well.

As the storm clouds started to gather again, we packed back into the cars and headed home.  Along the way, we passed this abandoned Japanese pulp and paper mill –P1060861

This sign shows that not only is there a rest stop ahead, but also a place to change your oil – what an interesting combination!P1060862

More mountains and clouds –P1060863P1060867P1060868

and my haul – including some sea glass, interesting stones and shells –P1060869

and up close to see the wonderful inclusions .P1060880

P1060874I wonder if I polish these up a bit what I will find.

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4 Responses to At Amber Beach

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    Kathi – what an interesting trip and the pieces you picked up are beautiful. I could some of the them polished and set as a piece of jewellery. Once again, thanks for sharing your outing with us.

  2. Sue says:

    This looks like it was a GREAt trip. The amber is beautiful. . . so is the seaweed.
    Put this one on the list .

  3. Candia says:

    I could sense your excitement in your writing. Finding amber is very satisfying, I am sure.
    Thanks for showing your interest in my postings too!

    • Life is amazing, isn’t it? Thanks for your comments. Aqnd I find yours quite interesting, and such different content. I look forward to spending time searching through your posts.

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