A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

Actually, I lie.  I feel like this has been a very productive afternoon, but it hasn’t involved going anywhere.

I have been busy with two things that I need to spend a lot more time with – quilting, and studying Russian.

After Snoopy and I returned from our morning walk, I checked emails, and then headed upstairs to the sewing room.  That mystery quilt has been sitting patiently awaiting my return, since starting on the centre part of the blocks a couple of days ago. the first thing I did was sew the wrong pieces together – 15 of them.  Out came the seam ripper.  I decided that as i did my frog stitching (rip-it, rip-it) I needed some background sound.

I grabbed my phone, and turned to the Earworms application. It is a really neat program that pairs dialogue with a beat and a catchy tune. The nice thing about the iPhone ap is that it will go from one lesson to another until it has played all 12 lessons.  I find that I need to hear the words quite a few times, almost like background music, and then I begin to remember them, usually with the rhythm.  My daughter Lisa told me about it, and I think it is a great way to learn some necessary and usable phrases. I have it on my iPad as well, but there it will stop after each lesson and you need to either repeat or move it on to the next lesson.

P1060815Ya hachoo – I would like…….. on and on it goes, through water and wine, caviar and bus tickets, numbers and introductions.  And away I go with my piecing.  I worked on the tricky parts of the blocks first – the ones with matching corners.  All 30 rows of them.

I seem to need to do many things at once.  A very dear friend of mine, and fellow quilter, has started a quilting bee on Flickr, and has asked me to join.  The way it works is that each participant decides what kind of a quilt she would like to make, and then all the others each make a block for that quilt.  The tricky part is deciding what to ask for.  Each month, one member is the Queen Bee, and all the others make a block based on her instructions, and mail them to her.  the next month, you work on blacks for someone else.  It is a great way for solitary quilters to work together, sharing work and photos and stories as well.

And so, what kind of quilt do I want to make with the help of these friends and new friends?  Sitting in sewing room, with all that fabric whispering around me, I came up with a plan.  I have a wonderful collection of Asian fabrics – you know, the ones with the luscious flowers and gold on them…….. and I haven’t really had a plan to use them.  P1060816So, how about blocks using Asian fabrics, and some design involving circles?  This would give me a start – a base to plan a quilt around.  I will have to play with the idea a bit, but I think that is my plan.

With my mind whirling between Asian fabrics and circles and Russian phrases, I finished the fussiest part of the blocks. Here they are to this point – all lined up and ready to put the rest of the pieces together.

IMG_6653 I just might get this quilt done yet.

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