Lovely Day For a Walk

Tuesday morning I went with a few other ladies on a short hike into town.  Short meaning about 7 miles round trip. There is a dirt road along the mountain so most of the way, there is no traffic to worry about, only lovely trees (starting to get a few yellow leaves – is winter just around the corner?)P1060802and amazing wild flowers.IMG_6507

These I grew in Canada – they are called Himalayan Inpatients. I’ve been collecting seeds so I can grow them in my flower bed.P1060497And these thistle-like flowers have gone to seed.P1060804As well as a chance to get some much needed exercise and comradeship,the goal in town is a lovely bakery that makes wonderful cakes and breads and other pastries.  We are usually very good, and just buy coffee.

Here are just a few shots of the trail.  There are some fairly steep part in the road – with a climb of about 260 feet. We didn’t go up this hill – but we have. P1060803 I log the walk on my phone – it tells me that the total gain (not counting all the downs) is 1142 feet.  That’s quite a lot of climbing, but at an easy pace.  I find going down a steep slope a lot trickier.P1060806

Here is a view of the city – or a bit of it, from the trail.P1060808

P1060807This is part of an old military facility.  there are tons of them around the city, and most are abandoned now.  They only keep up the parts they still use.  Sakhalin was once part of the Gulag prison camp system, and was also considered a strategic base watching border.

As we walk along the street, we pass some very beautiful houses, all barricaded behind tall fences.  Most have guard dogs tethered inside.P1060811They are tied so they can just reach the gate – and they usually let you know they are there.P1060814Lots of German Shepherds and others that I wouldn’t want to meet in the dark.

It was a good morning……… I look forward to these chances to visit with English speaking friends and get some exercise in the bargain…… and Snoopy is always happy to go along.

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2 Responses to Lovely Day For a Walk

  1. Melissa says:

    My dad’s uncle, my grandma & my mom used to have those Himelayen(sp?) flowers in their flower beds. They were such pretty flowers & our favorite thing to do was flick the pod on my grandma’s plants. The seeds would fly out of the pods, if you could get it late enough and then she’d have them growing all over her lawn and scattered throughout her flower bed too. 🙂 She did not enjoy that as much as we did.

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