And The Mystery Is Solved

After finally getting my sewing room in enough order to access the machine, ironing board AND cutting table, I have all the pieces cut out for my Muscat Quilt Group Mystery quilt (the last clue came out in April). IMG_0210

And one block (of 15) arranged on my portable display wall –IMG_0209

Now, to get sewing the blocks together, and then decide how to quilt it.

Here are a few views of my new sewing room – as you can see, there is not much room for a frame.  but it is so good to be here with all my fabric, and with time to sew.P1060794 P1060795P1060796

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7 Responses to And The Mystery Is Solved

  1. My goodness, with a stash like that I’m surprised you ever leave the house.

  2. Beris Lyons says:

    Suggestion: Before you start quilting, turn your table around and allow the bulk of the quilt to lay on top of your layout table .. this will take the weight off the quilt and it will be easier to work with. You possibly do that anyway .. just threw my 2 cents worth in!! x

  3. Annette Johnston says:

    Kathi, Hi! Lori just sent me your blog address so I thought I’d read a bit then comment. I LOL when the photos of your sewing room came up! Truly a dedicated quilter, drags the quilt room wherever she goes. Lori and I were so delighted to meet you in May. Wish we’d had more time together but maybe another time you come back to AB we can meet up for a longer visit. All your photos of flowers while we feel like we’re dodging snow this year…at least so far. The clouds are high today so at least its bright. A great afternoon to stitch down tge binding on my latest pieced quilt. Oh, and don’t forget to tune in to Bonnie Hunter’s quiltcam…it’s fun to listen to her chat about quilting as I work at the machine. She’s on iTunes or you can go directly to her blog on Warm greetings from Central AB

    • Hi Annette. So good to hear from you. I was so excited to meet you and Lori at Heritage Park. Hopefully we can get together next summer. I will check out Bonnie Hunter’s blog. It will make a good change to listening to Russian language training while I sew.

  4. Annette Johnston says:

    Let’s plan to do that. Are you going to make Celtic Solstice? I’m getting quite excited about it. Had cataracts removed this summer. Had complications. No applique for me for a while yet. So rather than whine about it, I’ve declared 2014 the year of the pieced quilts. I have a line-up of patterns that I’ve always thought I’d like to make but never made the time to actually make them. So now’s as good a time as any. I know Lori would be up for meeting you somewhere. Do you come to Alberta each summer or what’s the deal? You can reach me at

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