Sewing – At Last

Getting the sewing room organized and ready to work in has been a very slow process.  The movers put up the shelves, but there were a LOT of boxes to unpack, and decisions to be made as to how to organize the fabrics. P1060436 I have a new category – dots….. some polka dots, but a lot of wilder and more imaginative ones as well/  there are more pieces that I had to leave in Canada in June (darn weight restrictions, anyways).

My sewing room is definitely smaller than in the past, and I am really not sure how on earth I will accommodate my quilting frame.  For sure, when I am quilting, all other processes will be on hold so that I can squeeze out enough room to operate.  I won’t be able to dither and leave a quilt on the frame for ever…..maybe that is a very GOOD thing.  I am a terrible procrastinator.


Anyway, this afternoon, leaving the farm books for another day, I finally sat down to sew.

IMG_6517 My friends in Muscat – the ones I lived close to and would get together to sew with – have decided to do a block exchange.  With so many of us heading to greener pastures – literally, as Jo and Wendy and moved to Scotland, and I am now in Sakhalin Island, Russia – we want to make quilts that will celebrate the fellowship we enjoyed during our stay in Muscat.  Thank you Wendy, for initiating this…. it is a wonderful idea, celebrating a group of funny, talented and creative ladies.

The big question when you begin a project like this is “What fabrics will I choose?”  When you don’t know the choices being made by your fellow, where do you begin. I am lucky in that I have had recent hands-on experience with ALL of my vast stash, and I just gravitated to the colours and fabrics that I love.

After several wonderful hours in my sewing room, and a few sessions with my seam ripper, as I remembered how important it is to watch stripe direction at every step, I am done for the day.

As I have finished 6 out of the 7 required blocks, I see a distinct  trend towards lime green, turquoise and my beloved wonky dots.IMG_6516

One more special block, and they will all be ready to mail off when we reach Canada next week.

Feeling very good about today’s production…….. It is so nice to be sewing again.

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3 Responses to Sewing – At Last

  1. Cecilia magor says:

    How nice and perfectly timely to read your blog ! I am definitely feeling blue as my sewing studio is being packed tomorrow morning…already having sewing withdrawals… Our belongings will reach us on the 31st, but with a whole house to sort out, I don’t know when will I be able to sit at my sewing machine again, sigh…but like you, there will be light at the end of a tunnel….💗

  2. Sue says:

    Beautiful Blocks. So glad you are posting again. . . and Sew glad that you are finally settled enough to get out the fabric. It makes life so much nicer. And quilting is even better. . . I have been sewing a bit this summer. . . costumes for the play my granddaughters are in. I made such a wonderful Goose “tail” for the goose and gander in Charlotte’s Web, that I was drafted to do a Ugly Duckling for a Shrek. It was fun, but I miss quilting and my own fabrics and the several unfinished quilts I left in Kuwait. One more week. . .

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