A Lazy Hike Into Town

You need to know what people mean when they say lazy. To me, it is a casual stroll. The day was sunny and bright, and it was about time that I deserted my boxes and Snoopy and I got some proper exercise. The thought of a walk into town with friends, a cappuccino and return walk sounded like just the ticket.

Beat the gate at 8:30 was what I understood. The other ladies would meet in the Shell camp, and I would meet them soon after. I wasn’t sure just how long it would take to get up there, and didn’t want to get involved unpacking another box, so Snoopy and I headed out. Way too early.

Wandering along the road across the way, I discovered some interesting flowers.

There is a lot of red clover along the roadsides as well, and some lovely, almost transparent butterflies. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg44xvvpohtw6e4/P1060445.JPG

They don’t stay in one place for very long, but I managed to get a couple of good shots.

Just then I got a call from Linda…….Where are you? At your house? We are right there now!

I raced up to meet them, and off we went. There were just four of us going on this lazy walk into town, the others tackling a more challenging hike of 18 km. that’s fine, with all the stairs I’ve been doing lately carrying heavy boxes, I didn’t think that my knees would tolerate anything too adventuresome.

Up the road we went, finally turning to the left. Not too far ahead, though, the path took a sharp upward turn. And up, and up, and up. We came to a T, and Martha, who was leading, thought that this wasn’t the time to go on the lower road yet, so we kept on climbing. She had her bear bell jingling the whole time, as there are grizzlies in the area, and we sure didn’t want to surprise one. With all the chatting and laughing that we were doing, it would have to be a pretty deaf bear to be surprised, but…..better safe than sorry.

We stopped part way up for a photo. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mkl6kzmol27tgap/P1060449.JPG
It was only the second time I had seen the city from any height,and the other time was on a very hazy day in March. On we went, following the cut of the power line. I was keeping track with the Map My Hike app on my phone, we had been going for an hour.

We finally arrived at the top. Here are Martha, Lucy and Preeti, just after we began our descent. https://www.dropbox.com/s/me2wuo1ubpof9ma/P1060453.JPG
And just before it got steep. This was not an easy path to descend with sore knees…….. I was going very, very carefully.

After a couple of miscues, and a pack of barking dogs, we found our way to the street, and soon to the bakery when we thoroughly enjoyed a coffee and sit down. Snoopy, who had been quite happy hiking up and Dow (and in true dog style, back and forth as well), was glad to sit in the shade and have a drink of water.

My GPS read 6.09 km…… a bit longer than any of us had expected. And the altitude climbed was something over 600 feet.

We went a slightly different route going home, taking the “low” road. It wasn’t quite as steep as the other, but was definitely NOT level. Still up, up, up, and then down, down, down. We did join up to where we had walked before, so I got a chance to snap a photo of the lovely pale pink lupine along the side of the trail. https://www.dropbox.com/s/eq8hz40ew7c6d8l/P1060454.JPG

Back home, I checked the GPS before we all went our separate ways. This time it was only 5.24 km. for a total of almost 11.4 km. and quite a climb to boot.

Next time one of these ladies talked about a easy hike, I will be forewarned……. And prepared.

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