Sunny Saturday

I was busy comparing flights for our annual trip back to Canada this summer, and didn’t really want to go out for a walk.  The good thing – and the bad thing – about having a dog is that you have no choice………. the walk is a must.  And on this beautiful, sunny morning, I’m so glad I had to break away from my computer and head on outside.IMG_6320

There is a part in the park that seems to be designed to teach children about the rules of the road, including signs and road markings.  There are all sorts of road signs, crosswalks,  bus stops, and even a round=about and a train crossing. IMG_6254We quite often wander around the loops as Snoopy can run around in circles there off leash, and there is usually no one there.  this morning there was a man with his grandson.  Grandpa was wheeling a small bicycle, and the boy was running, and almost looked like he was pretending to be a horse, shaking his head and prancing.  Snoopy made friends with the man, who petted him and talked to us.

We wandered over by the lake. IMG_6300 There is a train runs on a 2 km track around the reservoir on the weekends.  IMG_6306It was waiting for it’s first compliment of passengers when we passed by.  Tickets are only one ruble (about 3.5 cents).  There was a wedding party close by – IMG_6301here is the bride with some of her party…….. and the men had just passed me carrying a bottle of champagne.

They headed to this gazebo, and Snoopy jumped when he heard the corks popping. He is such a scardey-cat when it comes to loud noises.IMG_6311

The happy couple had their photos taken on the bridge and then made their way to the gazebo.IMG_6316

A tradition here is for couples being married to place a padlock on this bridge to signify that they are joined together, and hopefully forever.IMG_6318

Leaving the wedding party, we headed off through the woods.  The sunlight shining through the foliage was quite intriguing……. as you can see.IMG_6331IMG_6336

IMG_6330We met the train coming over the bridge, and then followed the tracks back around to the lake –IMG_6342

And then home.

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5 Responses to Sunny Saturday

  1. Hi Kathy…it felt like I went on the walk with you! Lovely. You took the train to the park?

    • No. It is a short walk, and the train just runs around the park itself. I like to walk along the tracks though, as Snoopy can run because there are no other people there.

  2. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    I love going on your walks, Kathi. As always the photos are wonderful.

  3. Vivian says:

    Your blog is well named! I spent considerable time … I’m laid up with a broken ankle … It was great entertainment. I live near Vancouver and we often travel to Alberta and Saskatchewan. My husband’s family comes from Wishart. Last year we did a river cruise from Moscow to St Petersberg. The Russian culture and the people are amazing. We had little time to wander on our own, however we saw more on the tours than we could see by ourselves. It was the trip of a lifetime. I’m an art quilter … You can see my work in the gallery.

    • Hi Vivian. I will definitely check out your stitching. I am looking forward to my boxes being sorted so I can do some serious quilting… And to finally getting the Internet connected so I can get back writing. Thanks for dropping by, Nd for taking the time to let me know. I’d love to do a river trip to St. Petersburg. Would be fantastic.

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