Moscow, Day Two

Last night, as I was writing my blog in the hotel bar (where the electrical plug-ins are), I met two wonderful couples from Manitoba, Canada.  I had an evening of good company, lots of laughs, and one more beer than usual, and I slept like a log. It was wonderful!  I hope that I have a handle on the jet lag, and that I will have my days and nights straightened out now, until I embark on the 9 hour flight to Sakhalin island, and have it to do all over again.

Breakfast was long over in the restaurant when I finally came downstairs, and as they had a large group coming in for lunch, I was on the street without breakfast.  Lucky for me, in a lot of the underground walkways, there is a whole market of shops lining one wall. P1060153 P1060281

Along with the clothing, shoes, and trinkets, I found one that had lovely filled buns.  I had no idea what would be in it, but pointing came to the rescue again, and my sauerkraut-filled bun was delicious.

Onto the metro and down to Red Square again.  I’m getting the hang of it now, following the signs to the right line at transfer points, and came out right where I wanted, beside the Lenin Library,P1060152

(statues on the top of the building they love statues here )P1060156

and just across the street from the entrance to the Kremlin.P1060155

There were blockades up that weren’t yesterday, and I discovered that the Kremlin was closed today, as it is a holiday tomorrow, and preparations are being made.  Oh well, I caught the last 5 minutes of the Free Moscow bus tour, and learned about Arbat street and where to find cheap food.  I also got the details for the Moscow Metro Tour at 4 pm.  My day was planned.

I went down new Arbat Street first, and found out what happens to people who don’t park in the right place here.P1060162

I also found the biggest bookstore I’ve ever seen.  This whole building is books and stationary…. two floors.P1060164

Arbat Street is a pedestrian street, full of eating places and coffee shops that won’t break the bank, including some you may recognize P1060175P1060176P1060183 – street artists,P1060168

and dozens of souvenir shops. P1060172Most of them carry roughly the same merchandise.  I bought my Moscow magnet, and a few post cards.

And I followed Elena’s suggestion and ate lunch at Mymy (Pronounces Moo moo) – you can see why here.P1060170

I had borscht in a black spotted bowl, a salad and grapefruit juice for under $10.P1060169

There are a few fairly familiar sights along Arbat Street –P1060174

And some more exclusive shops like a more expensive souvenir shop with some wonderful treasures.P1060177 Some of these photos are through the windows, so pardon the quality or lack thereof.P1060178

P1060185I had a good afternoon wandering along, watching the people and poking my head into the shops to see what they were offering, although I have zero room in my luggage for souvenirs.P1060187

And then I headed back to the Kremlin for my Moscow metro tour……. which is way too much to add to this post, so stay tuned.

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5 Responses to Moscow, Day Two

  1. Evelyn in SW Ontario says:

    As usual, your photos and descriptions are wonderful. I admire how you get out and about to see everything possible.

  2. ashley828 says:

    I feel like a genius because I can read pinkberry and Starbucks in Russian!

  3. brenda says:

    Wow! Loved all the beautiful pictures and descriptions. Meanwhile, I am back in the land of the Caraganas and dandelions. Enjoy your adventures and do not pick up too many strangers in the bar. (Thanks for the surprize package.)

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