Obstacle Course

This has been a very crazy two months. I wonder if this is the longest visa run on record.  I wonder if Guinness has a category for this.

Sixty days ago, I was in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, enjoying finally being with my husband again, after a long, drawn out move from Norway.  We were wondering what they planned to do about renewing our visas……. or maybe I had just heard that they were sending us to Bangkok.

I have been in Canada now for 45 days.  it snowed when we first arrived.  Now, on May 23, in the midst of predicted record rainfall, it is snowing. P1050535 Huge snowballs of wet snow. It is beginning to land and stay on the grass, instead of melting on contact.  The temperature is +3.2 C.  They call Alberta God’s Country.  I think God has quite a sense of humour.

The obstacle course of applying for a Russian visa is ongoing.  Russia has a lot of national holidays in May. When my Letter of Invitation was finally issued and on it’s way to Calgary, we discovered that my name had been misspelled. It is now on its return trip, somewhere between Los Angeles and Moscow, where it will be corrected and sent back to me.  With any luck, I will be in Moscow by the middle of June, and in Yuzhno shortly after that.

And back in Canada six weeks later for summer holidays.

Life sometimes pitches curve balls that you didn’t expect.  While it is a nuisance to be away from home for so long, I have been enjoying the unexpected time with family and friends.I was in BC for the long May weekend….. playing fetch with my daughter’s dog, VimyP1050424hiking with my nephew on Sumas Mountain…..P1050353 P1050333visiting Whistler, BC for the first time.P1050447

Saturday I am going to yet another quilt show at Heritage Park in Calgary……..

It has been good.  But I am still longing for home.  Could I just have an easy one over home plate, please?

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7 Responses to Obstacle Course

  1. brenda says:

    How is that visa coming along? Enjoy the Calgary quilt show. We certainly enjoyed your company and am finding it lonely without someone to play King’s Cribbage with me. Safe travels Kathi !

  2. mandymunroe says:

    Good luck with your visa, these systems are quite incredible. Glad you found fun with quilts!

  3. schoitz says:

    Canada is Beautiful. How was the quilt show? Praying that the visa comes quickly. . . you and David have been apart enough in the last year.
    The quilt show here was wonderful. I only entered one piece, but have already finished the quilting for a piece for next year. Just have binding and beads to go !!!! I think I may make it!!! 😉

  4. schoitz says:

    Canada is beautiful, but i know you have ahd enough for now. Praying for a quick visa for you. . . . you and David have been apart enough in the last year. How was the quilt show. The one here was wonderful. I only entered the one piece, but I already have the quilting finished on a small quilt for next year’s show. Only have the binding and beading left to do. I think I may make it! 😉

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