One Sunny Saturday In Sakhalin

Beautiful morning for a walk……. and Snoopy and I took full advantage of it.  How fortunate we are to have Gagarin Park right at the end of our street.

The photos here were taken with my iPhone – admittedly not the highest quality, but considering how handy it is, and how easy it is to take a snap with a phone and not look conspicuous, I think it is a valid instrument.  I still believe that at least 75% of a good photo depends on the eye of the photographer, not the equipment or the processing.  So this is what you are getting.

We wandered along some new-to-us paths as we checked to see how the preparations for Sunday’s festival were progressing. They were continuing to dig out the amusement park rides, and we caught them checking out this one.Photo 2013-03-16 11 35 53 AM


There are a lot of home made bird feelers in the park – I wonder if they were a school project, or not. Lots are made of plastic bottles, Photo 2013-03-16 11 39 54 AMbut there are a few that use other materials.Photo 2013-03-16 11 40 54 AM


Shadows on the snow –Photo 2013-03-16 11 42 51 AM Photo 2013-03-16 11 44 37 AM

A place all cleaned out for resting and eating –Photo 2013-03-16 11 47 31 AM

Snow in the trees –Photo 2013-03-16 11 48 00 AM

As we walked along this path, I could see a carriage sitting in a nook – but no person with it – and then – Mom was napping in the sun.  Wonder if she is Norwegian.Photo 2013-03-16 11 52 50 AM

Flags being set up in the stadium –Photo 2013-03-16 12 05 34 PM

Snoopy loves to walk along the top of the bank beside the walkway – this is above wait high on me.Photo 2013-03-16 12 06 46 PMChildren like to pay up on top too –Photo 2013-03-16 12 06 52 PMThis pup was totally enthralled with Snoopy.  Photo 2013-03-16 12 10 06 PMIt was really too close for a good photo, but what an adorable bit of fluff.Photo 2013-03-16 12 11 40 PM

One last look before we head home.


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3 Responses to One Sunny Saturday In Sakhalin

  1. Wow – I just can’t believe how much snow there is. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the carnival. Some of the ladies at my gym are Russian and we were talking about the BIG festival this morning.

  2. Sue says:

    Wow. . . A world of snow and life goes on so merrily. Festivals MUST be celebrated!!! I understand that. Babies, must have fresh air and Sunshine. . . Dogs and puppies must be exercises. And then I think of all the Kuwaiti families at the beach on a Friday late afternoon when the temps are in the 40’s.. Barbecue ing in the heat. Same same. I think if workers clearling the snow and I am reminded of the workers mowing the grass in the park and sweating in the heat and humidity. Just so others can enjoy their time with family and friends. Paradise isnt Lost, it is found in the minds of the people.

  3. It’s beautiful there. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in summer!

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