Getting Ready For A Party

I just found out yesterday that Sunday will be a holiday – Maslenitsa.

It is akin to Mardi Gras, the end of the pre-Lent week for the Orthodox Church.  There will be games and food and the amusement park in Gagarin Park will be open.  And there will be tons of people out. It is also close to the Spring solstice – another festival that has some of its origins in pre-Christian times.  And as I read in one article, who wouldn’t celebrate at the end of a long, dark Russian winter.  Blini are the favourite food of the celebration because they are round, representing the sun. For a bot more background info, check this out –

Now, isn’t it lucky that we live just a 5 minute walk from Gagarin Park?  Incidentally, it is named for Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.P1030201

Snoopy and I walked in the park this morning, and I could see that the preparations are already underway – mostly snow removal! Here is Snoopy checking out some of the activity –Photo 2013-03-14 9 20 06 AM

The front-end loaders were busy all over, widening the paths, clearing out nooks for benchesPhoto 2013-03-14 9 26 13 AM

and clearing out the huge snow banks from the amusement park.Photo 2013-03-14 9 29 08 AMPhoto 2013-03-14 9 27 35 AM

Photo 2013-03-14 9 27 59 AMAnd especially around the food kiosks –Photo 2013-03-14 9 28 41 AM

How lucky to arrive here just one week before a festival………..Photo 2013-03-14 9 27 21 AM

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4 Responses to Getting Ready For A Party

  1. WOw – that is going to be very weird. Can’t believe they have such a big event in the winter! BUT WHY NOT!!!!!! It is very funny to see the snow banks around the rides and benches and such. Hope the weather cooperates on the weekend.

  2. Sue says:

    I agree with Elaine. But it makes you realize how “normal” winter is there. . . like the ski stroller
    But it will ge Great fun and a wonderful “welcome” to Sakhalin
    Enjoy. Cant wait to see thepics.

  3. Those are some big snow banks! It’s kind of neat to see all the colourful amusement rides sticking out of all that snow. Makes for pretty photos!

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