And I thought I’d walked A Lot On Sunday!

It was a good thing that I slept well Monday night.

Tuesday morning, Snoopy and I set out to find the ATM, get some money, and then, hopefully, find the meat shop that the ladies in David’s office had mentioned.  It was cold, but very sunny, so I dressed warmly and away we went.

On and on down Sakhalinskaya Street…. now, which street is the Moose Head Bar on?  That’s where one of the two Royal Bank of Scotland ATMs is located.  I remember going by the old KGB building…….. but all of a sudden, we are crossing Lenin Street.  Must have missed it… hopefully the meat shop will take my bank card.  If I can find it, that is.

We cross the railway track, and still nothing that looks like a meat shop. Finally, we give up and turn around.  I texted David to ask which street the ATM is on……. Military Street.  Fortunately, although all the signs are written in the Russian alphabet, many words are phonetically very similar to English, so I find it.   It is just BEFORE the KGB building, not after it. 

I stop to buy light bulbs (must learn the numbers in Russian as she didn’t show me the number – I just handed her money and it was enough) and groceries, including dog food.

Straight home – about a 5 mile walk this morning.

SMS from David – do I want to meet him and Haythem at the ski hill? Sure – it’s an amazing day – the temperature has risen from -17C to -1.  Off I go, leaving Snoopy this time.  I think he was still tired from the morning as he didn’t even ask to come along.

As I went through the park, a skier whizzed by me – on a path that is 3 feet about the walkway.  I guess there is a lot of snow!P1030205

I also saw several of these sleigh carriages – what a great idea!P1030204

It was amazing to see water standing in the streets – and important to watch the cars driving by so I didn’t end up wearing it.P1030207

I stopped at the Columbia store and bought my long johns, and then went back to the foot of the hill to wait for the men.  I didn’t wait long, and soon we were getting on the first chair lift.P1030209

There are lots of small cabins on the hill, obviously not being used in the winter.P1030213

We stopped to look around at the middle of the hill before climbing onto the second lift.  this is the first time Haythem, who is from Egypt, has seen snow. Writing his name in the snow.P1030225 He is making sure that he documents this historic event in his life.P1030220

Up the second leg of the trip to the top of the ski hill.  You can see a long way over Yuzhno, although the sun is in our eyes.P1030226

We stop for a coke, check out the backside of the hill, and then head back down. We were joined by a young couple from Vladivostok who are here on a snowboarding holiday.  She spoke very good English and we really enjoyed our conversation with her.  She said she loved boarding when it snowed, so this morning, I was thinking of her.P1030240


I just had to throw a snowball at Haythem before we parted company.  I mean – how can you see snow for the first time and not experience a snow ball.  I even managed to get a bit of snow down David’s neck with no repercussions (he must have been tired).

We arrived back home with another 5.5 miles on my pedometer.  That’s 10 and 1/2 miles walked to day – and it felt good. What a beautiful day in Yuzhno.

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6 Responses to And I thought I’d walked A Lot On Sunday!

  1. Sue says:

    Boy, looks like wonderful skiing, when are you going to hit the slopes? Glad to see you are getting lots of exercise, good for the figure! A new adventure you and hope you meet some nice people!

  2. Must be intimidating to buy things and NOT know how much they cost!!!! Sounds like you are settling in just fine!

  3. Sue says:

    Glad to hear that you are getting out and about. Finding your way around. . . never thought you wouldnt. I cant imagine never having seen snow. . .and the adventure continues. . . For me tonight is Shibori workshop. After i wash the material and fill a practice FMQ piece.

  4. Evelyn says:

    I have to admire how you get right out and find out all about your new surroundings. I wonder when all that snow finally melts.
    Love the skis on the strollers – wouldn’t be a bad idea for some parts of our country.

  5. Beris Lyons says:

    the views from the top look fabulous .. you could almost frame them. Have a great time there. x

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