First Day(s) in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Although I arrived in Yuzhno on Friday morning, to me Saturday, March 9, was my first real day here.  Reason being, after not sleeping on the flight here, and all the busyness of getting packed and moved out of Norway, all I wanted to do yesterday was sleep….. and I did for most of it.

After an 8 hour, over night flight from Moscow, we landed to sunshine and fairly mild temperatures in Yuzhno.  The airport is tiny…….bus into the terminal, one luggage carousel, with nearly 300 passengers rivaling to get their suitcases and get on their way.  David came in to help me organize my luggage – three suitcases plus a fairly large dog kennel…… not to mention the cat and other carry-on luggage.  They brought the dog in and left his kennel on the floor by the back (arrival) door.  It didn’t take very long before we had everything – I took Snoopy outside, and he couldn’t wait to christen his first Sakhalin snow bank.

We piled everything into the taxi, and off we went to the apartment, taking a bit of a scenic route…… I wish I had been a bit wider awake so as to really appreciate what I saw.  We got home, hauled everything inside, and introduced Jenny to the tiny room housing her litter.  Almost as soon as we had both pets watered and fed, we headed off for a nap.  I was so tired, I almost felt a bit sick.

A brief walk,some toast and another nap…., a bit of grocery shopping. then out to a nice restaurant(People) for dinner. After a bit of BBC News TV (the only English channel here), an early night.

This morning I kind of crawled onto the day, about half an hour after David brought me a cup of coffee.  He had the breakfast vegetables in the pan when I came out from the shower……mmmmm, it smelled good.  Snoopy was ready to head out for a long walk, and so were we. David was determined to find me some waterproof boots, and a new pair of ice grippers, as one of those I brought from Norway broke the first time I went to put it on.

There is definitely ice and snow here.  A week after a big storm, they are still clearing the tall piles of snow from between the roads and sidewalks. In places, you walk beside 8 foot likes of snow, and only discover when you come to a man hole that you are walking on 2-3 feet of packed snow on the street. P1030162

All in all, we walked close to 7 miles…….. stopping at a hotel for coffee and a burger, checking out a small mall that reminds me so much of small souks in Kuwait.  this is the outside market.P1030153

the huge pipes that carry the steam that heats all the buildings in the area,P1030155

A church along the way,P1030152

the snow in the park,P1030154

and along the street.P1030160

We stopped at the Moose Head Bar, operated by a Canadian from Calgary.  P1030156P1030158There is also a gym there – a really good one that is open early and, as we stopped for David to renew his monthly membership, also has yoga classes.

No boots or ice grippers today, but a great, if chilly, day in the sun. I think it’s going to be fun living here – and oh…… so much to learn!

Here is where we live – bottom floor at the far end.P1030164

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11 Responses to First Day(s) in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

  1. Sue says:

    WOW I cant believe that you are already blogging. . . Bright colors in the apt building. Beautiful Blue roofs on houses and Churches — love the church, orange roofs on shops. . . David in his Norwegian Sweater. . .a Canadian Bar. . . Snoopy sniffing and exploring. . . a park . . . and a river? all nestled in a snug little valley (google Satellite maps) Along with a husband who brings you coffee in Bed!!! I know it isn’t Norway, but I think you are going to like it there. . . did you notice that I didn’t mention the snow???? 😉

  2. Yes, I noticed…….. it would be a bit of over kill, right?

  3. LOTS of bright colours!!!! And the snow – my that is a LOT of snow. Good luck with settling in – I am sure it is going to be an awesome experience. And now to find the quilters!!!!

  4. I just looked on Google maps to see where you are!!!! OH MY – you are just north of Japan!!!!! who knew! And yes I heard they got a HUGE dump of snow in that area just last week. Wow – hopefully it will be easy to get to Japan to visit. I would love to go there. And the coloured houses and above ground pipes reminds me so much of Inuvik in the Northwest Territories in Canada. Enjoy!!!!!

  5. Dolores says:

    I wonder how long the snow will last. It Is, of course, so close to spring. Thanks for the intro to your new home.

  6. Karen in Canada says:

    Hi Kathi: It’s good to see that you and your “entourage” have all arrived safe and sound in your new country. I can hardly wait to read about your Russian adventures. You are truly blessed to be able to travel and live in so many places – thanks David for taking so many interesting job opportunities. I love reading about your experiences in your “new lands”. Snoopy must find his life different too – born to the hot sands of the desert and now living in more snow that he could ever hope to “christen”. Have a rest and then start blogging about life in Russia. Any plans to get to Japan as it seems so close?

    • Japan is very close and there are direct flights. One we get settled and visas sorted out, I’m sure we will see some of Japan…..perhaps the quilt show next January!!!! South Korea is also close, and I understand people go to China to shop.

  7. Evelyn says:

    Glad to see that you and the pets arrived safe and sound. Looks like you can’t go anywhere in the world without finding a bit of Canada!
    Hope you find some fellow quilters soon.
    Will look forward to learning more about your new digs.

  8. Hope says:

    good to hear you have arrived. and so another adventure begins. I like the colors of the buildings, cheery against all the snow. have fun.

  9. Connie says:

    Looks like you have gone full circle back to Grande Prairie at least weather wise. Glad you are there safe and sound and excited to follow you blog on another adventure. The buildings look very interesting especially the church and I love the colours.

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