Feeling Better

Feeling better about this move. The house is all packed up, the air shipment has been taken away, and Monday everything else will go.

With the dismantling and packaging of my bed, it was time to move into a hotel. One that allows pets. I took both suitcases down when I checked in, and then drove back to the house (still “home”to me…. And Snoopy and I walked downtown to the hotel. Pretty good idea, I thought, as this doubled as his evening walk. I was so tired.

We went to the room, and first, I spread his blanket over the bed. Now, we try to keep him off beds, except by invitation only, but I knew from past experience that my ability to patrol a large bed while sleeping is sadly lacking, so the only thing to do is allow him up, but make sure the hotel bedding is protected.

When the covering (an old duvet cover) was spread out, he looked at me in wonder, as if to ask if we were in Heaven. Ho hopped up and settled right in the middle, with a huge smile on his face.

I was starving, so I took him with me to the restaurant across the street… Al Fourno. Snoopy stood sentinel by the door, tied up to a tree…… Poor Snoopy, but at least he knew where I was, and wasn’t left in a strange place.

I craved something creamy….. tortellini with salmon, and a glass do red wine. As I sat there, it suddenly occurred to me that I felt like I was on holidays. The pressure was definitely lessening.

lThere was a huge party that seemed to have arrived just ahead of me, so I thought I would have a lengthy wait. Not so, it came quite quickly, and was oh so good, and just what the doctor ordered.

Here is Snoopy this morning just before we walked back to the house.


He doesn’t look too worried any more, does he?

He had a day of car rides and waiting today as we went to a yarn shop, a new quilt shop and then to dinner with friends. Home to feed and pet the cat (she is staying alone in the house as cats hate change more than anything else, and he will soon have plenty of that), then a walk, and drive to the hotel. He loves going in elevators.

And now, he is lying on his back beside me. One thing about a dog…….as long as you are there, everything is good. Would that people were so trusting.

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12 Responses to Feeling Better

  1. Cecilia magor says:

    Snoopy has a nice quilt to sleep on ! Not stressed at all….
    Have a good journey Kathi, will miss your visits, stay safe xxx💗

    • Thanks. Cecilia. I really enjoyed the visits we had, and your wonderful guidance in Copenhagen in November. Hopefully we will be close again……. One never knows just where that might be.

  2. Ruth Reid says:

    Good luck with everything Kathi. When do you actually leave? Closing another chapter is sad. Hope the next one is exciting and happy for you both. Hugs.

  3. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Kick Snoopy off that gorgeous quilt!! This prairie farm girl is having a heart attack!! Good Lord….Have invited Hope & Cheryl over for a quilt fest together tomorrow. We miss you at these group sessions. Always enjoy your blog–next best thing to having you here.

    • That gorgeous quilt was a duvet cover that I got free with points from Zellers 20 years ago. Still love the pattern and colours, but it is well past its prime.

      Wish I could be there quilting with you. Have a great time.

      • Brenda Fritzler says:

        Sigh of relief…….about the “gorgeous quilt!” Happy that you and hubby will be soon reunited. All the Best!

  4. Love the ongoing saga of your move. Yup, Snoopy looks quite contented with life. I’m happy things are falling into place for you at last. Enjoy your last days there and then soon we’ll be hearing wonderful stories of your time in Russia. God bless you, my friend

  5. Sue says:

    So glad that everything is falling into place and that you are staying busy with friends as well as the packing. A few more days of “holiday” and you and Snoopy and Jennie will be on Sakhalen with David and all will be well. . .

  6. Oh yes – Snoopy isn’t letting this move bother him (or so it appears). Good luck with the move.

  7. Hope says:

    I am happy for you, that your stress is gone. I didn’t get to the quilting for there was slush on the roads and then later it froze. I didn’t want to be slippy and sliding all the way back. I do enjoy your blog, especially the pictures.

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