Empty Walls

I am in the middle of having the house packed up to move. While it is certainly less physically demanding to have others come in to box everything up, it is no less emotional.

Even though we have been in this house less than a year (yes, the same fellows that unpacked us eleven months ago are boxing everything up again), we have live and loved and felt at home in this house. We have entertained, seen the sunrise and set, gloried in the fresh air and be,owned another rainy day. We have watched a fire turn from flames to embers in the fireplace, seen heavy snows on the trees (and shoveled it from the driveway).
And now, it has all returned to boxes. From boxes you came, and to boxes you will return…..Photo 2013-02-28 11 07 49 PM

Snoopy isn’t too sure what’s happening, but he doesn’t think he likes it.

These shelves held a rainbow of fabrics, just waiting to be used.

This bed held good friends who came to visit.


Empty walls, boxed up chairs… All awaiting their new home.

All around the walls have memories……. many stories to tell.  Now some of my life has merged into the story of these walls.

And my life looks like a blank page – just like the barren walls. The silence is deafening.

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15 Responses to Empty Walls

  1. Cecilia magor says:

    Think of all the new stories you have yet to write! No one likes closing doors, but opening a new one is fun xxxxxx

  2. Brenda Fritzler says:

    Not much to say Kathi, except you DID marry David!! Put a smile on your face, raise your chin and be confident in knowing that we all await your visits home. (Be sure to pack David’s bike—- believe that is very important.)

  3. Tifany says:

    We’ll miss you! I think you are about to have a wonderful adventure. I’m totally confident or paths will cross again. It’s a small Earth.

  4. Sue Nixon says:

    Kathi you bring tears to my eyes with your story as it also reminds me too of all the moving and packing boxes I have seen come and go and 500 awaiting our return to the US, ugh! Kinda like this traveling with just suitcases. Felt sorry for Snoopy, he looks like he is wondering where his chair went? Not long now though and you will soon be set up once again in your new location. Don’t forget to post lots of pics! All the best to you and David, safe journey and hope all goes smoothly for you, Snoopy and kitty. It’s been a real pleasure knowing you here and I hope our paths cross again.

  5. Dolores says:

    I’m sure you have made many new friends and had many experiences. More to come and much more to learn.

  6. Janice Orr says:

    Kathi: I’m absolutely confident that you will make this next step just as exciting and full of discovery as all the others. That is, quite simply, who you are! For those of us who continue to live in the same country, city, and house indefinitely, just pleeeeease don’t stop blogging! Janice

  7. Beachbums1 says:

    My flat will look like that in 5 short months ~ as it did 7 months ago. Your comment about “the silence is deafening” resonated with me. Even if I’m only in a place for a year (once it was only 10 months), I’m always sad to see it packed up.

  8. Sue says:

    I hear you feeling like Snoopy is looking. . . You have a blank page in front of you, and many full pages written. You have left memories and made an impact, not just on the walls of the house, but on all of Norway, and on all the people you interacted with and all the people who decided to travel to Norway (and also fell in love with it). You will be felt forever.

    It’s like a finished quilt. No fabric or pattern whispering in your ear, no pieces stacked beside the sewing machine, no quilt on the long arm. I think that is why we keep UFO’s around. . . so there will always be something to do. No blank pages. Blank pages are uncomfortable. Use your quiet time to rest, relax and design your next adventure. . . .

    See you in Russia!!

  9. Beris Lyons says:

    A lot of us have been in the same position as you Kathi and we totally know the feeling of … ‘being left behind to do all the packing, the taking care of ….such and such … blah blah blah’ before we leave … but you know what… these situations made us all strong .. knowing that we have done a great job, and we look ahead to new adventures. I hear you say, I know all that .. but I said it because you are such a strong lady, you make great friends and you have seen a great deal more than most people … and it will be wonderful when you finally get to Russia .. sit back in your new accommodation with a cuppa in your hand… your materials in the sewing room and machine all set up … saying … yep… I’ve done a terrific job!! and Snoopy .. take the rocking chair!! love you x

  10. Hope says:

    on to a new adventure. enjoy it will be fun.

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