Feed The Birds

and it’s not tuppence a bag, either.  And you have to bring your own. but it’s still great entertainment, and the ducks do appreciate it.

We live very close to a duck pond – at least the mallards think that it is theirs. They waddle along the shores, play duck derby floating down the stream, and swim around quacking.  Snoopy thinks it is his personal assignment to make sure they are NOT on the shore next to the path, or even hiding along the edge of the water by the bank.  They go waddling off, splashing into the stream, and waggling their tail feathers at him in protest.

One day I took a stale roll (we call them buns in Canada), cut it into chunks, and threw it out over the water as we walked.  It was quite funny the way the ducks poured in from all directions, and followed us along the stream, just in case we had some more.  Hummmmm – that gave me an idea.P1020926

The following day I can armed with half a loaf of bread, and my camera.Tying Snoopy to a light post, i proceeded to throw out a handful of bread crumbs, and then try to snap a photo of the ducks as they flew to where I was P1020714 P1020715and monkey-piled in the water for the food. P1020725 P1020896I walked a bit farther upstream, and did it again. P1020949 P1020938It’s hard to hold a camera steady when you are laughing as hard as I was.

These silly ducks were even coming up on the path, just in case they would have a better chance at close range.  P1020720They weren’t even all that concerned about the dog in their quest for food.

Fast shutter speed, but slow between shots……. that lead me to my second bright idea. somewhere on this camera, there had to be a setting for a burst of shots…..  Finding it, I set out again, a few days later. Snoopy didn’t think it was such a great idea, as he again sat watching the fun from the lamp post.

This worked much better. although I’d love a bit longer between shots.  The ducks were hilarious.  When the bread was almost done, I dropped some on the path, the went to get Snoopy while the ducks came up from the water. P1020992They didn’t even hesitate coming close to him, so intent were they on the remaining chunks of bread.

He took a bit of a lunge – the temptation was just too great – and they got a bit excited, but no one was hurt.P1020996

Flicking through the photos in quick succession on Picasa, it was almost like a video.  Maybe next time, that’s what I’ll do.

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2 Responses to Feed The Birds

  1. Becky Peacock says:

    Kathi, you did a great job with the photos. The burst feature is great, isn’t it. I’ve used it quite a bit on my own camera. Wish I had such marvelous nature close by to photograph, but maybe I’ll go on a cityscape photo tour one day.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Kathi…at least you know how to take some fun when you find it. Great shots!

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